Sexual Performance: Find Out How To Improve It

Knowing how to improve sexual performance is an issue that should always be pursued by couples in love, for those looking for new options for pleasure, or for those who are cold in a relationship as a couple.

This is because sex is good for health, improves mood, self-esteem and even strengthens relationships. Although it is difficult to find people who do not like this activity, many people want to know how to improve sexual performance and get valuable tips for this purpose.

After all, in addition to all the physical advantages, it has been a pleasurable activity for both involved since there is a consensus. Therefore, a loving relationship must respect the partners’ wishes, maintain companionship and good humor among those involved, in addition to seeking new forms of pleasure within four walls.

So, if that’s your case, keep reading this article and check out some tips to have better sexual performance!

Control anxiety

Anxiety is one of the factors that can lead to premature ejaculation. If you want to improve your sexual performance, you need to know that being relaxed is the first step. Anxiety anticipates the good times, makes the atmosphere tender, and makes the climax difficult.

So avoid thoughts that might cause some agitation, such as fear of not being good enough or any other irrational concerns. A tip is to focus on the other’s pleasure, making it a pleasant moment for both. Relax and enjoy to the fullest! Another interesting tip is to talk about what the partner expects from sexual intercourse, from foreplay to completion, as expectations create anxiety, and this problem can undermine the couple’s atmosphere.

Talk about fetishes


Knowing the fetishes and preferences of both is a big step towards understanding how to improve sexual performance. After all, fetishes don’t have to be taboo. They can be exposed and discussed without judgment by either party. That way, whatever is interesting for both of them can be done.

Remember that the fetish can be present in fantasies, in unusual places to have sex, in adventures with the inclusion of other people, in visits to erotic places, among other possibilities. Believe! Couples who share their fetishes — and carry them out as much as possible — tend to have a much stronger, happier, pleasurable, and lasting relationship.

Dramatically reduce cigarette consumption


The idea of ​​smoking a cigarette after sexual intercourse is a movie thing because its consumption can be harmful at all stages. Cigarette smoking can cause impotence in men. So, if you still maintain this habit, it is better to give up if you still want to improve your sexual performance. In addition, another reason to quit smoking is bad breath from those who use cigarettes.

In these situations, many partners give up on something more intimate due to the unpleasant taste coming from those who smoked a few moments ago or from those chronic smokers to start the foreplay.

Practice physical exercise


Exercising helps increase sexual performance in many ways. For starters, self-esteem will be high, which builds confidence and improves libido. In addition, physical activity can strengthen your muscles and make you feel more in the mood for the right time. Let’s talk about some of the best physical exercises for this purpose.


push ups

Men who do push-ups strengthen their upper body and perform better in top positions. When done frequently, they can significantly improve performance and prevent tiredness and arm pain after sex.

Pelvic floor

Pelvic floor

Doing physical exercises that work the pelvic floor is beneficial for those who have and those who want to avoid erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. They increase endurance and strengthen the muscles in the area, improving erectile stiffness and ejaculation.

Leg lifting

Leg lifting

This exercise helps to strengthen the hips and glutes, improving performance in upright positions. Thus, it is possible to increase the thrust and strength of the legs, making sexual intercourse more lasting and intense. These are just a few examples of exercises you can do to improve your performance in bed. The practice of any physical activity can improve endurance and, consequently, sexual performance.



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