Shadow of the Colossus, the developer of the last guardian, makes fun of the new game

Fumito Ueda, the creator of Shadow of the Colossus, and his team at GenDesign will be bullying yet another big project.

In sharing New Year’s greetings on the studio’s official website Wanda and the Colossus. And Last guardian Creator Fumito Ueda genDES Unleashed another bully about his next game.Ueda founded Gen Design in Of the last guardian Production several years ago. By 2018, the crew, consisting of former Team Ico staff, had probably begun work on a new title currently under development.

The last update on GenDesign’s latest efforts came in the spring of 2019. At that point, the company announced a partnership with Unreal Engine. Fortnite Creator, Epic Games. Under the recently established publishing division, Epic Games Publishing, Epic pays for the production of multiple teams and their new projects, staff salaries, and other costs. When everything is said and done, publishers and developers split revenue in the middle. GenDesign has signed one such deal with Epic, Playdead (Limbo) And Remedy Entertainment (Control).

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visit GenDesign The website should simply display a new header image with a message that says “”.Have a great year.. “This is a great gesture. Better yet, the photo seems to contain some subtle teaser shots. It’s big just above the line of text mentioned above.”2021“Graphics. Screenshots of four different games are embedded in each of the four numbers. Ico Jorda and Iko are on display in the first image. The second photo is from Wanda and the Colossus., A boy from Toriko Last guardian Take a third screenshot. Finally,”2021“Pride A slice of concept art you’ve never seen beforeDraws what looks like a young man in a red cloak navigating around large rocks and the earth.

GenDesign 2021 new game bullying

The details of the next GenDesign title are so lacking that little can be gathered from a brief description. Ueda and the company don’t seem to like the sequel very much either. Therefore, it seems safe to think that the studio is now full of new IPs.From Mr. Ueda Previous titles pushed the boundaries in many ways In exploration and interactivity, his and the team’s next efforts could undertake similar feats.

No games are being developed below Epic Games‘The publishing department is still shown in great detail. It’s no one’s guess for the time being when such information begins to surface, but the bullying above suggests that GenDesign may be one of the first to lift the veil.

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Source: GenDesign

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Shadow of the Colossus, the developer of the last guardian, makes fun of the new game

https://screenrant.com/shadow-colossus-last-guardian-developer-new-game-2021/ Shadow of the Colossus, the developer of the last guardian, makes fun of the new game

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