Shadow Royale is back at Apex Legends next week

The monsters in the Apex Legends Halloween event were last week. In other words, Shadow Royale is back. The game mode is back from last year’s Halloween event and consists of a squad mode where the eliminated players can help their living teammates hang out as zombie-like shadows.

In Shadow Royale, the killed player can stay in the game as long as at least one of the other teammates is still alive properly. The excluded player becomes a shadow. Shadows only have the ability to use melee attacks, but gain the ability to wall-run the Titanfall style. Squads are only eliminated when all members of the team are in shadow. Shadow Royale is currently in the game and will run until November 2nd.

Playing: Apex Legends Monster in the event

This week also marks the start of the final reward track for the Monsters Within event. This rewards successful players with spectacular gun charm and spectacular Robaskin. Simultaneously with the Halloween event is a mini-sale celebrating Dia De Los Muertos, where you can purchase theme bundles and limited-time items from the in-game store.

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