Shadow Warrior 3 has been postponed to next year

Fast-paced, talking violence Shadow Warrior 3 After all, it didn’t arrive this year and is now pushed back to “early 2022”. Devolver Digital and developer Flying Wild Hog explain that’s the usual reason. They want more time to improve FPS. Justification. For now, you can see a new trailer announcing the delay.

Game twitter “Shadow Warrior 3 is 99% great, but with a little more polish it’s at least 120% great, so I decided to give it some additional love. Devolver Twitter The game says, “It takes a little more time to sharpen the blade.” Well, which one is it? Sharpen or polish, are you a liar?

I think it can be argued that polishing can be a rough first step in the polishing process, or that polishing is an ultra-refining endpoint of polishing. However, as the chef saw on TV, when you hit an old knife with a stick and sharpen it, you carefully hit the knife and polish the sandpaper little by little. And when you see your Nan polishing the mantelpiece with her Duster and Mr. Sheen’s cans, if you lean on it to admire the carriage watch, your hands will pruning cleanly A beat while a panic that doesn’t seem sharp enough to be slowed down spreads across your face, you drop all the blood on your body through the stump and on her three-piece sofa suite Before releasing violently.

Shadow Warrior 3 will be a hit vapor When GOG In early 2022.For now, maybe you want to see 17 minutes Shadow Warrior 3 Gameplay Trailer From last year.

Flying Wild Hog Purchased by the growing Embracer Group last year. There’s a lot more going on in the studio besides Shadow Warrior 3, and we’re currently working on a top-down looter shooter. Space punk (Currently paid early access, but will be available for free), vampire hunting shooter Evil West, And black and white samurai saga Trekking to Yomi Written by RPS co-founder Alec Meer).

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