Shakespeare’s plays are turning into a new anthological horror story

Huge book and images from Crystal Lake Publishing

No writer has soared so high and truly when it comes to intestinal tragedy, whether inflamed by love or human desires. William Shakespeare.. Perhaps that’s why so many stories today often showcase themes, story beats, and character motifs dating back to these plays by the bard himself.

But if you’ve ever thought that Shakespeare lacks a certain contemporary taste, it’s a speculative story that most of us include surrealism or fantastic elements that make up science fiction, horror, and more. Because I’m used to telling. Well, it seems that some writers have added a unique spin to his work, mixing horror elements with beautiful, archaic and mysteriously complex 16th-century poet prose to create a literary horror tragedy.

Shakespeare unleashed Is a new crowdfunding project KickstarterPublished by Monstrous Books and Crystal Lake Publishing. Anthology is a series of short stories and sonets inspired by Shakespeare’s work.

from Romeo & Juliet To King Leah To MacbethAll these old stories have been horror treated and there are some celebrities in storytelling games — Kasey Lansdale (Terrorism is our business), Joe R. Landsdale (Moon lake), And Ian Duscher (William Shakespeare Star Wars, Deadpool does Shakespeare) — Ring a chime to help it happen.

The campaign also teases that if Kickstarter goes well, more stories will follow.

“Sure, this book consists of at least 20 horror short stories and 10 dark sonnets, and includes some interior illustrations. If you raise enough money, you’ll add more.”

If horror is a nerdy food, play with it. Beyond that, it may make you lose your appetite and die when you are surfing.

Shakespeare’s plays are turning into a new anthological horror story

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/new-illustrated-anthology-reworks-william-shakespeares-plays-into-horror-for-some-reason/ Shakespeare’s plays are turning into a new anthological horror story

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