Shakya Handicraft: Buddha statues, Tibetan jewelry, meditation gifts and more

As someone who appreciates handmade Buddhist gifts and enjoys giving and receiving them before and after the holidays, I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to Shakya Handicraft.

They are a group of Newar artisans, natives of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal, and have maintained centuries-old traditions by making beautiful Tibetan and Nepalese handicrafts.

All products are 100% handmade and customizable, including Buddha statues, Thangka paintings, Tibetan gems and rugs, singing bowls and meditation gifts.And Blessed by the Jyatha Buddhist Monastery monks for an additional fee to help maintain the operation of the monastery.

At this time, we have a special Buy-One-Get-One offer for Tiny Buddha readers only.

When you purchase an item on the site, you will receive a free sterling silver and coral redlove knot pendant. Simply enter your name and email address here to unlock the promotion code, add both your necklace and your favorite items to your cart, and enter your promotion code before checking out.

When you opt in, you’ll receive a variety of promotional offers, including discounts in certain categories, such as $ 40 off statues and 10% off rugs.

Many items on their site, especially Buddha statues and Tibetan rugs, are on the high price side, but they offer a wide selection of affordable gifts, many for less than $ 100 and even less than $ 50. Some of my favorites are:

These beautiful pieces of Tibetan jewelery

Browse all Tibetan jewelery here

These gorgeous mala

Browse All Mara here

These impressive singing bowls

Browse all Sing the bowl here

These wooden ornaments

Browse all This upholstery

These meditation gifts

Browse all Meditation gift here Prayer wheel here

And if you spend a little extra, you might appreciate one of the many impressive Buddha statues, paintings and rugs on their site. This is my favorite:

Browse all Buddha statue here, Pictures of all the tankers here, And Rug here

For many, this year is a financially difficult year, and this holiday season may be tight on a budget.Or maybe you limit your spending all Holiday season because you are always budget conscious and want to focus on the spirit of the season. I can hear you! I myself am generally a bargain shopper.

But if you are looking for a handmade Buddhist or meditation gift, you will find a wide variety of great options in Shakya Handicraft for your home or altar, or for your loved ones. And the price is more than reasonable due to the high quality handicrafts they offer.

Shakya Handicraft will ship the item with prompt delivery within 2 business days of receiving your order. Customs fees are subject to the rules and regulations of your country, but you can send the item as a gift and you will be exempt from the gift tax.

It usually takes 5-7 days to receive an order, followed by a 14-day return period.

You can see the entire collection of Shakya Handicraft here. Hope you enjoy their offerings and find something you love for yourself or those who are mentally devoted in your life!

** This is a sponsored post, but you can believe that it only promotes the companies, products and services that I personally love.

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