Shambling Crossover Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

To be honest, I don’t know what the relationship between these two franchises is. But if the developer ClockStone proves to be good at anything, then you need to build a bridge. Bridge Constructor: Get the Undead Spin of The Walking Dead at the Studio Crossing Builder and take the ferry with Norman Reedus. Safely pouring hordes of undead into their overdue demise.

This is strange, isn’t it? But since I haven’t seen or read The Walking Dead since then, who knows? Perhaps the gang missed the arc engrossed in physics puzzles.

Bridge Constructors are a series of shockingly created physics-based bridges that use boards and support for a variety of materials. Be careful (or deliberately encourage) not to put too much weight on one component so that everything does not crash. So it goes here, except that you’re helping AMC’s Terry series stars drive “symbolic vehicles” across the gaps of unstable post-apocalyptic cities.

But you can’t have The Walking Dead without The Walking Dead. Hordes of zombies bring a new dimension to the Bridge Constructor puzzle. Use a variety of traps to lure the chambler into dead ends and traps, while protecting the survivors from clumsy grasps.

This isn’t the first time ClockStone has made such a tie-up. Its honor lies in Bridge Constructor: Portal. It was very good at adding Valve’s catalog of slime, turret, and spatially compressed momentum puzzles to wobbled construction puzzles (so good at carrying Portal’s amazing stuff). It wasn’t) write).

“I don’t lie. The ratio of ugly donkey laughter to gentle smiles isn’t close to what you see in your first-person cousin,” Blendy wrote in a review of the Bridge Constructor Portal. “But I forgive it, and stick figures fall from behind their forklifts whenever I make a bridge that unexpectedly falls into a bit, especially when I send multiple forklifts with Optimus Prime. I’m happy to see that-a real test on any bridge. “

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is now 10% off on Steam for £ 7.19 / € 8.99 / $ 8.99. If you’re a veteran bridge constructor, get an additional 10% off.

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Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead’s strange shambling crossover is out now

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