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Dave Meltzer recently confirmed at F4W Online’s board of directors that Shane McMahon is not affiliated with WWE, has no role in management, and will not take over the company in the future. Shane was last used as an on-air talent in Undertaker’s Retired Survivor Series.

Sanyo says “Comcast (who owns NBCUniversal) can easily buy WWE.. And I think Nick Kahn will convince Vince to sell it by 2023, when the update is scheduled. Vince is old. Shane and Steph don’t seem smart enough or savvy enough to run the entire company.

Nick wants a big payday and sees him coming just to be the guy to negotiate the ultimate sale … Boys coming by 2023 will have WWE sold to the highest bidders and most Most likely! “

Dave replied: “Shane isn’t in the company. If something happens, Nick Khan runs the business and Levesque runs the creative. Stephanie will be the face of the media company she’s already doing. Let’s do it. “

Shane McMahon demands more money from Vince It was just detailed. T_Viper added: “Dave, I fully understand your opinion about all the money paid to WWE. Why not just buy it … but there are signs that Vince really wants to sell his baby. Have you ever been?

What would you do if Vince sold it? He is more than just a leisurely person on a yacht or private island. The XFL is (again) dead, and I don’t think he’s authorized to own the NFL team?

I’ve always imagined him passing on his family-owned heritage to Stephanie (Michael) in Don Corleone style (through his stock), and maybe someday she sold the company for billions of dollars. , She and Paul use it to “legalize” the Godfather style. “

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Shane McMahon has left WWE management Shane McMahon has left WWE management

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