Shaquille O’Neal’s steel isn’t great, but it has its heart in the right place – / Film

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pitch: Metallurgist John Henry Irons (basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal) does something when a rebel army rejecter (Judd Nelson) hands a new superweapon into a dangerous hand. I swear. With the help of electronics experts (Annabeth Gish) and imaginative scrap metal workers (Richard Roundtree), Irons will be steel. Wearing body armor, wielding a terrifying electrohammer, riding a motorcycle packed with gadgets, with criminals with these weapons, even if he still has to fix some glitches in gear at the same time Ready to fight.

Why it is an essential viewing: steel It is one of the less loved cartoon movies.That’s because the movie is mostly bad, but director / writer Kenneth Johnson had his mind in the right place, and steel It’s worth some recognition that it’s quite progressive for a 1997 comic film.

Made as a superhero movie for the whole family, many cartoon fans were quickly disappointed steelTones of all ages. You won’t be as disappointed as the suits created for Steel and Shaquille O’Neal’s fascinating unconvincing acting skills (even when you’re joking that you’re not good at free throws), but the movie is certainly original. Get rid of the teeth that the story of the superhero had.

But for all steelWe must admit that the downside is that it was the first blockbuster comic movie to feature a black superhero.This debuted a year ago blade Arrived with Wesley Snipes (an actor considered to be Steele) and brought action to the urban environment of Los Angeles.In addition, it featured promises to young children of color who were sucked into criminal life by greedy white villains (including Judd Nelson) who used the popular arcade games of the time. Mad cream There’s one point when Judd Nelson tells John Henry Irons’ younger brother (played by young Ray J) that he can be called a “man.”

Apart from the racial diversity represented by steelThe movie also gives disabled characters an important role in the movie. Annabeth Gish plays Steele’s right-handed woman, always speaking in her ears, keeping him safe and giving him the best technique she can find. It’s an important role, and it’s also a role that allows her to participate in the action when a special change to the wheelchair becomes apparent. Sure, it would have been infinitely good if an actress with a real disability played that role, but 1997 hadn’t learned those lessons yet.

At the end, steel Succeeded in giving the movie hero a fanfare of themed victory. It’s heroic and even fun. The composer Mervyn Warren created music that made use of the horn section. steel As a kid, that composition of earworms rushed back to my head and stuck there for days. It rhythmically utilizes the rattling and shoeing sounds of forged steel. please listen go to see steel Just for that hell. It’s not disappointing, but at least it’s fun to see it in some way.

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Shaquille O’Neal’s steel isn’t great, but it has its heart in the right place – / Film

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