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The 15th week’s match against the Cleveland Browns was a real test to see what the New York Giants were made of.

The Giants had the opportunity to show everyone that they belonged as the game was changed to a prime time slot on Sunday night and was number one on the line. Unfortunately, they laid large eggs at MetLife Stadium with a loss of 20-6 on national television.

The Washington Football Team lost and fell to 6-8. If the Giants won, they would have returned to their first place. But losing, they are now tied second with the Dallas Cowboys 5-9.

Next week we will finally be able to determine the fate of all three teams in the NFC East area. If Washington beats the Carolina Panthers, especially if the Giants and Cowboys lose in the 16th week, they could land in the division.

The Giants travel to play Baltimore Ravens in games that both have playoff impacts.

Did the stock go up or down after losing to the Browns before the Giants headed to Baltimore?

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There wasn’t a great match in the defense, but Dexter Lawrence was one of the glorious spots on Sunday night.

Lawrence defended the sack and pass and tackled a total of six times. He was also involved in several run stops during the game and was the greatest threat to all Baker Mayfield games.

Ironically, Lawrence was one of the two players Giants chose after winning multiple picks from Cleveland in the Odell Beckham Jr. trade.

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Early in the game, Engram had a chance to make a touchdown catch, which would have given the Giants momentum in the game. Instead, it was knocked out.

Engram was struck when trying to pull with a touchdown catch, but the tight end is still a pattern that appears throughout the season.

When Engram’s main play missed a touchdown opportunity, and then on his seventh drop pass of the season, the four 46-yard catches are irrelevant.

The same old story about tight end.

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Gano was the only one to score points for the Giants in the 15th week. It led to each of his two field goal attempts.

Gano hasn’t missed the Giants’ field goal back in the second week after losing to the Chicago Bears.

The Giants and the kicker who signed the extension early in the season are as automated as this season.

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Given that Joe Judge faced adversity throughout the season, it’s easy to forget that he’s a rookie head coach. But on Sunday, he looked like a rookie head coach.

The Giants had two chances to score points early on with Graham Gano and kick the field goal, but instead the Giants scored two goals with four downs and stopped twice.

Unfortunately, it set the tone for the game. The Giants never healed and the attack spattered all the games. This loss unfortunately fell on the judge, and those calls eventually cost the giant.

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Once upon a time, Freddie Kitchens was a top offense coordinator who was promoted to head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Since then, he has been a Giants tight end coach under Joe Judge, but Jason Garrett was infected with COVID-19 and the kitchen was called in as an aggressive coordinator on Sunday night.

The attacks were aggressive and looked very different, and it was a breath of fresh air to see the Giants in a new look.

Some even wonder what if Daniel Jones called on the kitchen to attack and continued to play for him.

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Garrett couldn’t call the offense, so the whole world could see what the Giants offense would look like with another play caller.

Garrett’s attacks weren’t very good for most of the season, and some asked for changes to the attacks.

The Giants have already made one major change to their coaching staff. Sure, there are only two weeks left in the regular season, but going forward, letting go of Garrett and hitting the kitchen against an aggressive coordinator could be a move the judge needs to make.

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Shares rise and fall after New York Giants lose to Cleveland Browns 20-6 Shares rise and fall after New York Giants lose to Cleveland Browns 20-6

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