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Amanda Rivas sought to be a serious competitor with straw weights when she opened the UFC 257 main card with Marina Rodriguez.

Upon entering the match, Rivas was quite a favorite and in the first round proved she was working to win the round.However, in the second round, Rodriguez began landing heavy shots and eventually dropped Rivas. And ended her with TKO.. It was a disappointing loss for Rivas, who says Rodriguez found the perfect shot.

“She found the perfect shot. I don’t say I won the first round,” said Amanda Rivas. combat.. “She won the fight. It doesn’t matter what happened before. I told my judo friend this. When Osotogari and Uchimata come back and become one, it It’s no use if you can pull it off. It’s a perfect shot. “

“I reviewed the fight,” Rivas continued. “At that time, I didn’t even know what had happened. I tried to beat Marina, but it was already out. I think the first round went well, but when I look at the fight again, the neck When I was aiming for, she gave me space so I realized I could try another submission. “

In the second round, many were wondering why Rivas wasn’t aiming for a takedown. She was clearly a good fighter and controlled the first round on the ground. But the Brazilian wanted to show off her impression and prove she was a balanced fighter. Eventually, it came at the expense of her fight.

“I already had a” no “. Everyone thought my Muay Thai was bad, so I chased “yes”. I couldn’t hear it. I don’t want to be a mediocre fighter. I want to show that I can really be good everywhere. I work to get there. I haven’t talked to Marina since then. I don’t know what the marina was like (to deal with hype), but I actually tried to take advantage of it. Connor said he would be a cherry and I would be a chocolate cake, “Rivas concludes.

– MMA Sports

“She found the perfect shot.” “She found the perfect shot.”

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