She was a terrible boss, and I quit: why I finally gave up

“That’s true. People can change. People can learn, grow, and surprise us. But if someone repeats the same thing over and over, that is, they hurt you or If you continue to look down or disappoint, it’s time to accept the status quo and ask yourself if you really can live with it. If you’re not motivated or ready, ask someone. You can’t change the pattern, but you can stop participating. “~ Lori Deschen

I quit before. It was one of the jobs that many people come and go. It was a gig that I paid for and wrote in the local newspaper. I wasn’t freelance, considering what free feelings mean.

Feeling free does not mean receiving a phone call or text consisting of a single word like “f * ck” at midnight, but if the editor feels chattering, “this Needs to be fixed immediately. “

Feeling free does not mean attending a four-hour meeting at the city hall without compensation for that time, just writing an article about it and saying that the article was rejected, you get nothing I can’t. Effort.

If this woman criticizes me, I will be rich. she I was rich. In fact, her food reviewer quit because she didn’t pay for anything other than eating. He is currently working on CNN.

Anyway, when I yelled at a friend about her, he said she was probably a “borderline” personality. Along with her insult, there was a lot of praise. She said I was the best writer on her team and the flow of my story was quoted, unquoted and beautiful.

I hate you! don’t leave me! It was the atmosphere of most conversations.

She suggested liposuction on my chubby cheeks and called my freckles “sun damage”. Sometimes her email had a praying hand emoji.

Please make up during the interview.

Get Grammarly. You make so many mistakes.

But I sucked it up and returned to her when I was running out of freelance money. That’s mainly because I just liked to write. Just looking at my signature article was like eating chocolate on a sad rainy day.

If you like the story, you literally whistled at work.

Being a reporter is all I love. Meet new people, write feature articles about them, and feel the rush that comes from sharing articles thousands of times.

Even at parties I’m miles away from home, they my story. I won the Florida Press Award in 2020. He learned about the people and places that influenced the novel and eventually gave him the courage to set up his own publishing company.

I have published a fifth novel. There are letters from students who have taken my English lessons claiming that I have made a difference in their lives.

Evaluating my success, I realized that this toxic boss wasn’t really part of them. She was an old moldy stepping stone that cut my leg every time I revisited her.

It was when my dream job teaching Shakespeare suddenly ended that I realized I needed to separate her from my life. In a way, I didn’t have the right to be surprised. After all, I was just a sub, and the school found a certified English teacher.

But the problem is that I had six months of bliss to earn 1,000 times the rate of Attila the Hung on the paper I paid.

I’m used to working insanely hard for insane people, and sometimes teaching and doing so, but at least you got paid.

I seemed obsessed with civil treatment with direct deposits.

In the dissertation, earn 10 cents a word, take every photo, tag each article and format it on her blog platform, follow up on the subject of the interview, and make last-minute changes to virtually every story. I had to add it.

Towards the end, I broke one of her rules and showed people a draft of my story before publishing it.She did not allow this, she claimed, this is she Not content Theirs.. She will shape it, not them.

The day I quit, she gave me one of her classic social blow jobs. It thrilled my head as if my temples were crushed by a medieval torture device.

I was writing an article about a new real estate project in town, but less than an hour after it was published, she started texting me a screenshot of a complaint from a reader. rice field.

She asked me to edit or delete the article. Either way, I probably won’t get paid.

Apart from her text, I called me a non-expert hack and decided to really think about the response before reacting.

My husband and I took a walk in the sunset with our dog. He said I would be disappointed if I stayed with this confused person after being abused for nearly five years. Everyone was tired and tired of hearing me complaining. It’s time to kick the door closed and seal it with superglue.

So I did. As soon as I returned from the walk, I sipped a tall glass of water, quietly picked up my cell phone, and struck the text with one finger.

I didn’t care about punctuation.

i’m done

To get a good understanding of my words, I spent the next 30 minutes blocking her and her media company on all apps that share mutual follow-up.

I also figured out how to send her email directly to the trash, but I saw it before it went into the can.

She was disappointed that she lacked the courage to admit that she made a mistake. She should stop making excuses. I left the interview contact on a whim.

The last time I interviewed was a pastor of the Presbyterian Church. We couldn’t meet in person due to schedule conflicts.

He gave me a great interview. This is my best story in 2022. He wanted people to know Jesus, but he didn’t get in the way of a bunch of useless facts. We should know him as someone who can humanize and learn.

He contacted me the day I left, thank you for writing about him and his family. He, his wife, and their two-year-old son had just moved out of Georgia. They have never seen Florida before and found the subtropics attractive and beautiful.

But he also wrote to me to ask if I could change the caption of his photo.

Journalism can be tough.

I wasn’t working for that paper anymore, so he told him he would need to email my editor about it.

“It’s good for you,” he wrote. “You did a great professional job. I would love to meet you in person someday.”

I told him I would check the church, maybe even hear my children and his Mother’s Day sermons. Without a toxic boss in my life, I would spend more time with my family.

I omitted the last part.

A rival paper editor has already called and will soon meet him for a coffee about the growing fear that leaving the paper will end his writing career.

Meeting new people is everything to me. You can also write about them while receiving state accreditation.

Anyway, I wrote this essay about quitting. That’s because sometimes it’s right.When you give someone everything you have to give, it’s still somehow not enough, maybe quitting is the only thing I can do it.. It’s a new start, and that Mad Tea Party you’re leaving? It just keeps going, with or without you.

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