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Dominic Thiem’s ​​victory at the US Open also meant that the Austrians had entered a few Grand Three winners other than the “Big Three.” In fact, from 2015 to today, with the exception of him, only Stan Wawrinka and Andy Murray were able to defeat an incredible streak. The number of major titles Federer, Djokovic and Nadal have won in a row.

Therefore, the reflex seems to occur spontaneously. Can Thiem finally weaken the three sacred monsters of tennis and move up to the first position in the rankings? In fact, we also need to consider the conditions under which members of the trio will arrive next season.

Federer deserves another speech as he was virtually absent throughout the season due to double surgery on his right knee. But his huge class is indisputable and can make a difference as usual. Meanwhile, Nadal and Djokovic also played a leading role in 2020.

The Mallorca champion confirmed that he was the 13th French Open champion and once again proved he was absolutely invincible in clay. But on the other side, his performance is no longer so impressive. Also, thanks to the preparations for this year’s exercise, I was forced to be upset by the coronavirus pandemic break.

Djokovic, on the other hand, had a rather complex year by his standards, in addition to the well-known behavioral problems. The “only” Grand Slam and the other three titles won in Australia seem to be of little value to the cannibal Noor.

But if that’s not enough, in favor of Thiem, note that this year he became the second player to win more than five times against each of the “Big 3”. .. In front of him is only the other only player, Andy Murray. You can remove the trio at the top of the standings.

Former world number one Roger Federer has praised his fans for his monumental performances over the last few years. The way Swiss orders respect in court seems to be second to none. The connection between Federer and his fans occupies a special place in his life.

Maria-Louisa De Belder celebrated her 100th birthday on Christmas Day, but she had to spend it within her retirement home. People over the age of 100 have been longtime fans of tennis and Roger Federer, and this year her family and the Belgian daily Nieuwsblad have taken a step further to make her birthday memorable.

Federer sends a heartwarming gift to his 100-year-old grandmother

“This really made my day better, because it’s a lonely event. I can’t believe he wrote the card just for me. As you know, I was at a tennis club at the time. I met my husband.

The sport has already brought me many beautiful moments. Victoria Luisa de Parma, one of the grandchildren of Maria Luisa de Parma, described the efforts they made to get Roger Federer’s attention.

“We appealed through social media,” explained Campenhout. “There are many pictures of my grandmother watching Federer’s game at a retirement home, and we wrote to the Swiss Tennis Association.”

Returning to the tennis court issue, I look forward to Federer taking action again in Melbourne. The 6 Australian Open Champions will be part of the 2021 edition.

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“She was watching Roger Federer’s game at retirement home,” says a big fan. “She was watching Roger Federer’s game at retirement home,” says a big fan.

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