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Welcome to the live broadcast of WWE Monday Night Row by Two championship matches scheduled for tonight’s show as Bobby Lashley defends the US title against Riddle and Heart Business defends the low tag team title against the Lucha House Party It has been. In addition, I’ve heard from all the fallouts from Edge and Royal Rumble last night. Live coverage begins at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results
February 1, 2021

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is in the ring to get things started. He argues that this is not a regular episode of Raw, as we are officially on the road to WrestleMania! * Sign point *

McIntyre says he and Goldberg gained a lot of respect for each other last night. He also takes over Bianca Belair for her incredible performance at Royal Rumble and calls her the future. The champion pays attention to the winner of the men’s royal rumble match, but Edge’s music cuts him off before he starts …

McIntyre talks about Edge’s music participating in last year’s rumble match and how happy and proud he was to see one of the greatest players ever made such a comeback.

Edge thanks Drew for his nice words, but criticizes him for not taking this seriously enough. He plans to go to WrestleMania’s main event and said it is a clear and viable threat to his reign – so why McIntyre didn’t kick his head the moment he stepped into the ring. Did you?

Drew laughs and says it might be what the “ultimate opportunist” does, but it’s not who he is. Edge appears on his face and fights back, yelling, “You’re not like me!”

Before things went any further, Sheamus came out and instructed Edge to retreat, and he was sitting at home while McIntyre won the world title and is now the best in the game. I complained. Edge completely ignores him and tells Drew to be wise, as anyone who chooses to face WrestleMania has lost their title.

Edge leaves them in the ring and McIntyre holds the WWE Championship overhead. He looks back and Sheamus bows with an amazing brogue kick! Angry Sheamus marches up the ramp and shakes his head while McIntyre lies in a stunned ring.

Behind the scenes

Charlie catches up with Sheamus and asks him why he turns on his best friend. Sheamus says that everyone can only talk about how he and McIntyre are “friends,” but he doesn’t care about that anymore. All he wants is the WWE Championship.

WWE US Title Match
Bobby Lashley (c) vs.Riddle

The bell rings and Riddle immediately fights the champion with a strong elbow and body kick, returning him to the rope. Lashley slammed him with a one-armed spine buster and quickly turned around. He continues with a stalled vertical suplex, lined up for a spear, but Riddle sends him out through a rope. Riddle heads to the apron – Asai Moonsault heads to the floor and defeats Lashley!

Riddle tries to get the big guy back into the ring, but Lashley applies a heart lock to the rope. Officials tell him to release the hold, but the champion refuses. This lasts for quite some time until ref is forced to ring the bell.

Winner: Riddle (via DQ)
Still Champion: Bobby Lashley

Lashley chased the referee after the match, knocked Hartlock back at the unconscious Riddle, and beat him violently. Even the MVP comes out trying to stop him, but Big Bob keeps the hold on and eventually throws Riddle into the barricade. Someone will check your buddies …

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Sheamus turns on Drew McIntyre and accepts challenge in title match Sheamus turns on Drew McIntyre and accepts challenge in title match

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