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SHELL Rimula Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil Now Carbon Neutral

The Shell Rimula R6, Ultra & Fleet CK series has become carbon neutral for customers in key markets around the world as part of Shell’s goal of supplementing 700,000 tonnes of CO.2e Annual emissions

Shell has announced a new Rimula R6 series premium engine oil that is carbon neutral at all stages of its life cycle. With this development, Shell Rimula is established as part of a carbon-neutral solution for highway fleets and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), as well as as a leading large diesel engine oil (HDDEO) brand in major global markets. it was done. This advance in these premium products aimed to offset annual emissions of over 200 million liters of advanced synthetic lubricants in the hope of supplementing approximately 700,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO). It is at the heart of Shell’s commitment to a low-carbon future.2e) Annual Emissions – Equivalent to removing more than 340,000 vehicles off the road in a year.

Gavin Warner, General Manager of Sustainability for Global Commercials at Shell, said of the development: As a leading provider of heavy-duty diesel engine oils, we play an important role in helping them reach that goal. Our Premium Shell Limura portfolio has already achieved improved engine performance and fuel efficiency. Now carbon-neutral from raw material extraction to lifespan, it also helps customers move towards their carbon reduction goals. “

Troy Chapman, Vice President of Global Marketing at Shell Lubricant Solutions, said: The pandemic put pressure on quantity and rate and demanded cost savings. At the same time, customers are trying to reach their ambitious climate goals. Shell is committed to helping our customers achieve both their commercial and carbon reduction goals by enabling them to proceed safely, go further and save in a sustainable way. “

Shell Rimula’s carbon neutral products are sold in Europe, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia and South Korea.The company’s global portfolio of nature-based carbon credits supplements CO2e Emissions from the life cycle of these products. This includes raw materials, packaging, manufacturing, distribution, customer use, and product life. Shell supports projects focused on the conservation and restoration of natural ecosystems. They naturally absorb CO.2 Every year we improve biodiversity from the atmosphere, protect endangered species and support our communities.

This announcement is an important step in Shell Lubricant Solutions’ multi-year strategy that enables customers to manage their sustainability needs by avoiding, reducing and offsetting emissions. Since 2016, Shell has reduced the carbon strength of lubricating oil production by more than 30%, and more than 50% of the electricity used in lubricating oil mixing plants comes from renewable energy sources. Shell is also significantly reducing packaging waste from lubricant products by increasing the use of recycled materials and seeking more sustainable packaging throughout the supply chain. Shell recognizes that measures to avoid and reduce emissions are essential to addressing emissions in the long run.The carbon offset program provides an immediate solution for balancing CO until a scalable solution is deployed.2Emissions from Shell’s portfolio and the entire value chain.

SHELL Rimula Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil Now Carbon Neutral SHELL Rimula Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil Now Carbon Neutral

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