Shenmue 3 is finally heading to Steam later this month •

After 12 months of Epic exclusivity on PC.

Following a year of exclusive rights to the Epic Games Store on PC, Shenmue 3 will be available on Steam on November 19th.

Shenmue 3 was first released at the end of 2019-only 19 years after the last article in Yu Suzuki’s legendary series-finally to a very patient fan Ryo Hazuki’s ongoing story and his revenge Gave the very long-awaited next chapter of the quest for the murder of his father, which began in 1999 with Sega’s Dreamcast.

With the help of publisher Deep Silver, Epic’s move to get Shenmue 3 exclusively for the PC store means that the project was crowdfunded by 81,087 supporters to a record $ 7,179,510. When I think about it, it turns out to be even more controversial than usual. Many were promised and expected to receive a Steam key on the release date.

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Deep Silver has succeeded in further fueling the problem by refusing refunds to backers who didn’t particularly want to wait another 12 months for the key to play the game on the platform of choice. However, developer YsNet eventually put off that decision.

Its supporters did If you choose to wait for the release of Steam, their patience will be rewarded on November 19th. This is exactly 12 months after the arrival of the Shenmue 3 Epic Games Store and PS4. But was it worth the cumulative 20 years?

Eurogamer’s Martin Robinson, a longtime Shenmue fan, certainly thought so. “More sensitive critics may point out that performance is uneven, character models sometimes look bad, there are limits to what they can do, and nothing really happens,” he wrote in a recommended review. I am.

“That’s not me. Excuse me. Yes, Shenmue 3 looks like a Dreamcast game and can be played. But like Shenmue and its sequels, it’s an off-quilter, crazy, magical and majestic dream. It looks like a cast game. Both are old-fashioned masterpieces. I think there’s a good reason to be happy with it. “

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