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The two notable prospects will remain “0” on Saturday and the third will return to the blueprint.

Shervantaigh Koopman performed a mature performance studied and systematically disassembled Simon Dladla before knocking him out in Round 7 to become the new South African junior middleweight champion at the Emperor’s Palace in Kempton Park.

Probably a tentative one from his previous battle, which ended in a knockout defeat, Doradora began by circling the ring away from his opponent. Coupman quickly filled the gap and took control with a stiff jab and straight rights to the body. Every time Doradora tried to clinch, Coupman hooked his body and raked him up.

The stiff right uppercut began to work, and Doradora returned to the rope second. Then there was a third large left hook that sprayed sweat. Known as an aggressive puncher, Doradora remained on her bike.

Despite Doradora landing a good left hook and right hand combination for the fourth time, Coupman still dominated the round, changing his head and body attacks.

Coupman came out on the fifth mission, hitting a hook on his body and then doing a short chopping overhand towards his head. Doradora tried to turn things around again with a combination of left and right uppercuts, but Coupman responded with a left hook and flew Doradora’s mouthpiece.

The sixth time was all Coupman. Doradora responded to the seventh other right hand, landing two hooks on his body and one on his head. That was his last stand.

Back in the corner, a flash to the right of his chin visibly hurt Doradora, and Coupman shook him off as he tried to clinch. With two follow-up rights, he first headed to the canvas and was counted by the referee Thabo Spampool.The time was 1:42

Koopman moves to 8-0 with 6 knockouts and Dladla drops to 6-2. He is currently a talented South African £ 154 player, including Brandon Tisse, Roarque Nap, and South African-based Congolese banger Emmany Kalombo.

Corwinley also passed his biggest test, stopping the brave Frank Rodriguez in the ninth round and breaking his record to 7-0 with five stops to become the national super middleweight champion.

The first round was tentative and both South Pos felt each other. Rodriguez began to move forward second, but it soon became apparent that Ray had a speed edge, landing a good right hook moment shortly after Rodriguez landed himself.

Ray continued to orbit Rodriguez third, finding Jab’s house and heading straight to the left, hiding or avoiding the opponent’s ineffective attacks. The chopping overhand left on the chin dropped Rodriguez a lot. He stood up, but a follow-up attack from Ray bled from his mouth.

Rodriguez somehow found a way to hang there while eating a jab, a straight left, and a hard left uppercut and right hook that Ray came into play. By the end of the fourth, he was bleeding from the nose and from the cut under his right eye. Rodriguez landed a strange hook close to his body, but continued to absorb the punch as the round progressed.

Ray, who has never been over six years old, seems to have been careful to maintain his stamina or had a hard time finding the right shot to get rid of his opponent.

It all changed to 9th. Rodriguez stumbled on the uppercut on the right, and when the follow-up barrage brought him back to the corner, his trainer Alan Tweel Jr. looked closely and flew the towel into the ring. Referee Simon Zamurache waved and mandated at 2:40.

South Africa will have to wait for a while until another heavyweight captures the imagination of the people.

Josh Pretorius broke the giant Wilhelm Nebe bubble and handed him six rounds of boxing lessons, winning with a unanimous score of 58-56 and two cards of 59-55.

In the battle between David and Goliath, a much smaller Praetorius boxed well and circled around Nebe in the first round. He landed on his stiff right hand, and after a while he landed a solid left hook with a jab on Nebe’s face. Nebe landed a single light towards the end of the round, and Praetorius stepped back.

It was essentially a battle story. Praetorius made a round and landed the left hook, throwing some jabs and occasionally overhand right after the left hook. Nebe didn’t know how to cut the ring, he simply chased Praetorius, shook off his punches, and landed too little.

Third, the increasingly desperate Nebe almost passed through the rope as he missed a great right. Praetorius responded by sending a halo of sweat flying from his head with his left hook when Nebe was straight.

Nebe was clearly powerful and there was a moment that bothered Praetorius. Especially when he landed some correct hooks on his body. The strange right of his head also reddened the area of ​​Praetorius’ left eye, but his punches were too few and the distance between them was far.

Praetorius made another big round for the fifth time, landing some good combinations while making Nebe miss.

Nebe felt late and worked hard in 6th place. He managed to wobble Praetorius with two big rights, and at the moment of the left hook, he put Praetorius in the corner when the referee mysteriously paused the action to regain the Praetorius mouthpiece that popped out during the exchange.

Still, Praetorius went through a wobbling moment, and at the end of the bell he was a natural winner, setting his record 8-5 while Nebe fell to 5-1.

Nebe needs to learn to cut off the ring, match the jab, and simply throw more punches.

Junior bantamweight Ricardo Malajka returned with a bang from his first defeat and knocked out Kayaletum Bezier, who overmatched in the first round. A fierce barrage of punches interrupted by Mubeje, who settled straight to the right in his own corner, where he was counted at the 2:12 mark.

Malajka became 8-1 and Mubeje became 2-6-1.

Undercard result:

Nthelelo Nkosi KO 2 Xolani Selimane (junior welterweight)

Phikelani Khumalo TKO 2 Thando Mali (Middleweight)

Juan Croukamp TKO 2 Jono Grose (Junior Featherweight)

This card was presented by Rodney Berman’s Golden Globe Promotions.

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Shervantaigh Koopman, Cowin Ray Shines on South African Battle Night Shervantaigh Koopman, Cowin Ray Shines on South African Battle Night

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