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NS Rangers Fans hold their breath while waiting for what we see How severe is Igor Sheschokin’s injury?.. But the game itself wasn’t the kind of explosion we were thinking of. NS shark Blocked about 3,000 shots Ryan StromeThe first power play goal that proved to be the winner of the game. Alex Georgiev Made nine very clutch saves with Sheschokin’s bailout to maintain victory.

The scoreboard was a 1-0 game, but the underlying metrics show that the Rangers controlled most of the game. They had an expected target share of 54%, including 60% in the second phase. They also had the advantage of shot attempts throughout all three periods.

Victory is victory. Let’s see what happens to the news of Sheschokin’s injury.

Rangers 1, Shark 0 – That’s the goal of power play!

It took some effort by the whole unit to keep the puck in the zone, but then returned to the formation. Ryan Strome found an open space the same size as Manhattan and fired it by Hill. What a shot.

Game Flow – All Rangers

As expected, the Rangers were primarily in control of the game. San Jose had several flashes, which was the Rangers’ losing game. This is what you would expect from Rangers vs. Sharks, but the fact that this could have been a trap game means a lot, especially if they couldn’t score.

Shot heatmap – again all rangers

The Rangers had quality and quantity in front of the net. The sharks had a chance, but the Rangers managed to keep them away. The NHL team can’t be held forever, so defense and goal-tending have become stronger when needed.

Alex Georgiev always intended to get off to the Blackhawks, and this just confirmed it. In the presser, Gerald Gallant said the injury was “not as serious as we think”, so that’s a good thing. But apart from the injury, it’s a good victory for the Rangers.

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Sheschokin hurts, but Rangers hold% Sheschokin hurts, but Rangers hold%

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