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shifl launches the first ever free instant payment and banking platform for the supply chain

  • Shifl’s widely used supply chain software is currently rolling out the latest additions. It is the latest financial technology built with advanced logistics technology. Create an innovative Fintech and Logtech combination.
  • Designed for the supply chain, this innovative banking suite enables free instant payments between parties, removes traditional industry payment restrictions, and brings integrated data-driven payments across the industry. Will be done.

Suffern, NY, January 20, 2022 — — Industry’s first today, Shifl announces the release of shifl.capitalA state-of-the-art FinTech solution designed to facilitate the business of supply chain companies.

With this new solution, shippers / BCOs, carriers, Forwarder, Brokers, terminals, truck drivers, warehouses, and other stakeholders in the supply chain ecosystem start and accept instant free digital payments. Companies can now quickly modernize their financial transactions. This is especially important in the current supply chain crisis with faster and more efficient payments, resulting in a smoother shipping flow.

Older payment systems in the industry contribute to delays in releases, lost checks, time spent on manual tracking and follow-up, and ultimately increased unavoidable costs such as arrears, storage, and port congestion. Will lead to.

Shipments are often withheld because it can take up to 5 days for payments to be processed and the shipment to be released.

“”With a broader industry ready for overhaul and many initiatives already in the planning stages, we are able to provide immediate solutions with already developed products that help everyone do business. I noticed.Very efficient and modern way“Shabsie Levy, CEO and Founder of shifl, said.

shifl solution

To address the above issues, shifl now offers free instant payment and freight visualization solutions through its popular supply chain platform. Offer free payments to all recipients with the click of a button.

Participating providers can now provide customers with instant releases and automated invoices and arrival information with access to the API. This will further streamline supply chain operations in unprecedented ways.

Ship ETAs are so inconsistent in today’s chaotic environment that shifl’s software provides users with live ETA changes and ship locations at the right time to suppliers and vendors. You can make payments easier.

  • Avoiding cash flow issues with early payments
  • Eliminate penalties (demurrage, storage, chargeback) if payment is too late

Based on the payment schedule, the software automatically tracks releases and availability in the terminal, providing visibility into containers approaching the last holiday.

“”The supply chain revolves around the movement of funds,“Levy said. “”Traditional payment processes can take several days for funds to be transferred from one party to another, and may include transfers through multiple parties in a single shipment.“Levy added.

“”Most companies in the industry do not have access to technology that enables fast and easy payments, along with live visibility and shipping milestones.“Levy said. “”shifl drives the goal of leading the industry to today’s digital age by combining advanced software with the addition of new FinTech to make the same technology used here at shifl available to everyone. By doing that, we are changing it... “

Companies can create unlimited charge cards with advanced spending and expense management capabilities.

The integrated white label software solution will be available to forwarders and other providers. Is in beta and is being rolled out to current shifl users, gradually expanding to more shippers and industry providers on a first-come, first-served basis.

Maritime and airlines, terminals, test sites, forwarders, trackers, CFS, warehousing, and other providers looking to participate and streamline the payment process, with free instant payments and / or immediate releases to their customers. API accessible shipping and billing information can be provided. Email For more information.

About shifl: Shifl is leading the supply chain industry into the future with technologies and innovations that bring enormous real-life benefits to users. If you are a shipper or industry provider who wants to bring your business into the digital age of today, gain more control and pay less overall, shifl is right for you.

headquartered in New York, shifl is headquartered in China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Georgia, DR and the Philippines. For more information, please visit:

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shifl launches the first ever free instant payment and banking platform for the supply chain shifl launches the first ever free instant payment and banking platform for the supply chain

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