Shingles complications, influenza vaccines have been linked to reduced subsequent influenza vaccine intake

(HealthDay)-Simultaneous administration of influenza vaccine and shingles vaccine is associated with reduced influenza vaccine doses the following year, according to a study published online on November 19. JAMA network open..

Benjamin N. Rome, MD, MPH, and colleagues at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston used national billing data from patients in the Commercial Insurance and Medicare Advantage Program to determine whether influenza and herpes zoster vaccines should be co-administered. Evaluated (during August 1, 2018), and March 31, 2019) were associated with a reduced likelihood of influenza vaccination the following year.

Researchers found that of the 89,237 individuals included in the study, influenza vaccination The next year’s intake (2019-2020) was the lowest among the 27,161 co-administered individuals. influenza 62,076 individuals vaccinated with shingles vaccine and on separate days (87.3: 91.3%, adjusted odds ratio, 0.74). The results were similar between the subgroups.

“One of the possible reasons is Patience The cause of systemic side effects caused by the herpes zoster vaccine may be wrong Influenza vaccine“It may be desirable to administer these two vaccines separately or to enhance patient counseling about possible side effects of the vaccine,” the author writes.

Some authors have disclosed that they receive personal fees from various medical institutions.

CDC Recommendations for Influenza Vaccination, Updated from 2021 to 2022

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