Shiny Giganta Max Pikachu appears in Pokemon Sword and Shield for a limited time

The new Max Raid event is now live at Pokemon Sword and Shield. As part of the 25th Anniversary of the Pokemon Series, Giganta Max Pikachu will reappear in the Max Raid Battle until February 28th, giving you the chance to meet Shiny Giganta Max Pikachu in a 5-star raid.

As with the recent Cramorant Max Raid event, the overall goal of this particular event is to defeat over 1 million Pikachu. If the player can reach that goal, the Pokemon Company will give away 100 Armorite Ore and 100 Dinite Ore. These are used as currencies for certain items and services in the Armor Island and Crown Tundra areas.

The Giganta Max Pikachu Max Raid event will run until February 28, 3:59 pm PST / 6:59 pm EST. Before you can join, you must first update Max Raid’s Nest.To do this, connect the game online or go to the Mystery Gifts menu[ワイルドエリアニュースを入手]Choose.

In addition to the Max Raid event, the Pokemon Company presents special Pokemon. To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the series, all Sword and Shield players will receive free Pikachu for a limited time. What makes this Pikachu special is that it knows songs, which are movements that are not normally learned in games.

Several other giveaways are also currently available. US and Canadian players can get a free Shiny Toxtricity download code at participating GameStop and EB Games stores. The Pokemon Company also offers a free item bundle that includes toxic orbs, gold bottle caps and other valuable items until February 28th.

The Pokemon Company broadcast a Pokemon Presents Stream before Pokemon Day. In the meantime, two new Pokemon projects for Switch have been revealed: Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legend: Arceus. The former is a faithful remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, released in late 2021, and the latter is a brand new, expansive adventure reminiscent of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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