Ship of Heroes Holiday 2020 Video

Heroic Games developers like to prepare holiday content, especially for Halloween and Christmas. This year, developers are focusing on creating mission content before launch, sharing a holiday mission where superheroes break into the alien world of Snow Lair and retrieve stolen Christmas gifts. In this universe, we saw the same snow monster invading the deified city in 2018, so the raid is perfectly fair. Now their inside story is increasing.

This is a fun mission where players jump from the Beta Club to the Dimension Portal to reach Snow Rare. The fight is fun and I want to see the developers actually playing and fighting their games. The developers say they will expand the content of this new world, a planet of energy research attacked by snow monsters.

Recently, SoH developers have provided insights on how to create mission content. One of the highlights of this video is the fusion of old and new game features. Missions, trucks in the snow, and the world of aliens are all new, but if you keep up with SoH’s development, monsters, superpower, and combat are all familiar. As the developers of SoH say, every part of the game “fits” and is assembled into a fascinating universe.

Another thing that jumped out of this mission and recent newsletters is that the diversity of SoH mission locations seems to have increased dramatically. In March and April 2020, the SoH team hosted major community events, but combat, costume contests, and everything else took place in the open SciFi world of the deified city. These days, you’ll see almost new places like engineering tunnel spaces, alien worlds, and magic-themed dungeons. The launch of the game has the potential to present us with many new environments.

The Ship of Heroes publishes a stable stream of content about creating missions. We hope that the next newsletter will likely be a milestone schedule for the first half of 2021 and will include information about the release date of the game. Work in early 2021 will also include a major community event focused on enabling community members to play instantiated mission content and provide feedback.

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Ship of Heroes Holiday 2020 Video

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