Ship of Heroes peeks at mission content with a new Halloween-themed video

I’ve acknowledged, Hero ship Not yet technically released, but that doesn’t mean the game can’t participate in some of the fun of Halloween! Watch the latest development video of the game. This video not only enjoys the eerie season, but also details how the mission content development work is progressing.

In this mission, the player character is summoned to the Deified University. At Apotheosis University, a vampire hideout was able to join one of the university dormitories. In colleges where students are free to use both magical relics and gadgets, this is clearly a bit more likely than the setting suggests. Especially those who have a mage guild.

More specifically, the video condenses a 30-minute mission into a video of about 5 minutes, starting with the quest provider’s NPC and ending with the final boss battle, watching the entire mission from start to finish. I will. Keep in mind that things happen, as this sometimes involves speeding up the footage … Blippy At the visual level. Also, in this solo activity, the character causes many deaths. Blaster problem, am I right?

Just in case, Hero ship Is ready to run a beta test of Mission Ark within a few months and has another invasion event test in advance. If you want to know what the mission looks like right now, there’s a gallery of images from developers and a post-break video.

Source: Press Release

Ship of Heroes shows off a Halloween-themed peek at its mission content in new video

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