Shiver Horror RPG Up On Kickstarter

If you’re a lover of horror movies and pulp classics, as well as weird and creepy things Shivering RPG It may just be for you. Combine different influences to create a terrifying, suspenseful and intriguing game on your tabletop. The game is published on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

SHIVER is a tabletop role-playing game that brings mysterious, unique and strange stories to life. Inspired by the love of horror movies, cult classic movies, and pulp TV shows, SHIVER is an easy-to-learn and innovative gaming system that brings storytelling to the fore. With SHIVER, you can easily tell the story you want to tell, but it can be strange, wonderful, or scary.

Take on the role of a typical character from every story, time and place and uncover the dark truth behind the world. Take off the villain’s mask and boldly go into the unknown … and don’t die while you’re there.

SHIVER seamlessly blends storytelling itself with gameplay mechanics to immerse you in storytelling. The iconic dice bring each roll of the dice to life with a potential twist of the story. If you succeed and move on, you can fail and continue to be ruined, and in some cases the results may not always be what you negotiated. You may be telling a story, but the dice also have a role to tell.

If the plot is weird, influenced by the story of pop culture as a whole, you can play it in SHIVER. Explore Stranger Things, Jurassic Park, Friday the 13th, The Thing, Aliens, Dracula, The X-Files and many other unique story-like stories.

Ready to make your own cult classic?

We have about three times as much money as the campaign and we have nine days left.


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