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Shopify Stock: Have you selected all the hanging fruits?

I was very bullish Shopify (TSX: SHOP)(NYSE: SHOP) these days. Indeed, Shopify shares are a world-class company and a Canadian tech darling.

That’s why we consider the market to be the best day to lag behind Shopify today.

Recent earnings question the future growth of Shopify shares

In a recent earnings report from the company, Shopify revealed that it didn’t expect the pace of growth in 2020 to continue in the long run. Indeed, this has shocked the market. And of course it is. However, companies looking to keep up with growth approaching 100% (double) year-over-year will find it difficult to pole vault.

In addition, the Shopify team pointed out that it would be strategic (and, importantly, later) in targeting new markets. This is certainly wise. Doing many things at once killed the dynasty. Rather, taking a slow approach to growing internationally now seems to be at the crossroads of Shopify’s management. I think it’s a good thing. The market has recently been divided.

In addition, Shopify’s management comment that a post-pandemic economic resumption could slow growth is another hint that the market is currently digesting.

These are certainly not positive risks to think about. But they are risks. Given this information, the sale is certainly guaranteed. For perfectly priced stocks, as Shopify does, this doubles.

It ’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Investors who believed that Shopify’s growth rate could be sustained over the long term were joking. In reality, the investment is a marathon. Shopify has been sprinting in recent years.

That said, Shopify is sprinting at the speed that the market appreciates. This led to a rapid rise in stock prices, which Shopify was happy to take advantage of.As a great manager, Shopify’s management team is intelligent Development of stock market To raise funds instead of raising debt.

Investors should consider the idea that Shopify could move from sprints to trot faster than expected. You need to evaluate how Shopify walks faster than the market.


Personally, I think Shopify’s “trotting” or growth rate is well ahead of the market in the long run. That said, this is a perfectly priced stock. In addition, it’s quite possible that Shopify is a stock that may see some softening in the coming quarters as the economy resumes.

If you’re worried about the potential softness of Shopify stock, sit down and take a breath. Take a look at this company’s stock chart and its growth trajectory. Shopify is still in its infancy in terms of growth potential, and long-term investment requires a strong stomach.

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Stupid contributor Chris Macdonald There are no positions in any of the listed stocks. Tom Gardner I own a stake in Shopify. Motley Fool owns and recommends shares in Shopify and Shopify.

Shopify Stock: Have you selected all the hanging fruits? Shopify Stock: Have you selected all the hanging fruits?

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