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The Sacramento Kings Fell into Los Angeles Clippers Wednesday night is 105-89.

Clipper veterans Eric Bledsoe and Serge Ibaka had a great match against Sacramento on Wednesday. Bledsoe scored the team’s best 19 points in eight out of fifteen shots, and Ibaka achieved seven out of nine efficient shots with 17 points.

Kings mainly held back superstar Paul George, but thanks to Bledsoe, Ibaka, and other contributions, that wasn’t really a problem.

Buddy Hield was terrible for Sacramento all night. He finished with 16 points, but five of the 22 shots in the game were corrupt. Hield was pretty scary every time he stepped into the Kings court lately, and it continued on Wednesday.

Tyrese Haliburton was one of Kings’ only offensive and illustrious spots, finishing with an efficient 22 points and a career-leading 13 assists. Hulliverton continues to proliferate in the absence of De’Aaron Fox and other guards. Hopefully, when Fox and others return, Halliburton will be able to continue this level of aggression and production.

Emmanuel Mudiay made his Kings debut on Wednesday, scoring 0 points in the first eight minutes. Neither Ade Marquee nor Justin Robinson, who Kings signed a 10-day contract last week, saw the court on Wednesday.

It’s hard for the short-handed Kings to lose to the good Clippers team, but at some point this franchise needs some direction this season.

Now at 13-20, the Kings season is sinking rapidly and feels like yet another season ending in the NBA purgatory.

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Short-handed Kings fall to the Clippers Short-handed Kings fall to the Clippers

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