Shot cut from Scarface’s infamous chainsaw scene (& Why)

As the infamous chainsaw scene shows, Scarface isn’t shy about violence and bloodshed, but here’s a shot taken by Brian De Palma.

Here is a shot taken by Brian De Palma Scarface The infamous chainsaw slaughter scene, and why he trimmed it. Scar face Arrived in 1983, it was the latest version of the Howard Hawks gangster movie from the 1930s.Remake cast Al Pacino when Cuban refugees turn around Gangster Tony Montana, A person climbing the food chain of the drug trade in Miami. Tony’s ambitions are endless, but after a while his explosive temper and some bad decisions lead to his downfall.

Director Brian De Palma is now revered as an Otter, but it seems to be all the films he released in the 1980s. Dressed to kill also Scar faceWe received various reviews and complaints about the violence scene. Scar face Whether Tony enjoys his new wealth or drops a bunch of bombs, it’s all about excess. The movie was still a hit when it was released and is now considered a classic.

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Scar face It features several iconic lines and sequences, including the final shootout at Tony’s mansion.Definitely the most Notorious scene from Scar face Comes early when Tony and his friend Angel try to buy drugs from several Colombian dealers in a hotel room. The deal goes awry and Tony himself is eventually saved from a similar fate, but Tony has to watch the angel dismantle in the tub with a chainsaw. Most of the bloody genocide happens off-screen, but it’s still a shocking scene. For years, rumors have been shot that a Gorie version was shot indicating that the angel was hacked, but this is not true. That said, there was one shot where De Palma was removed.

Scarface chainsaw scene bathroom

There are no shots in Scar face The chainsaw digged into the angel and no such footage was shot. However, there was one shot showing an angel hanging from the railing and the amputated arm swaying from the chain. This happened before the leg was hacked.The movie was involved in a battle with a famous MPAA board, Continued to give it an X rating, it would have been a commercial kiss of death. Not surprisingly, they were disturbed by the chainsaw sequence, especially its swingarm shots.

It turns out that Brian De Palma wanted to hint at more bloodshed than ever shown, so he always intended to cut that moment anyway. in the end, Scar face The R rating was given to the slightly edited cut, but De Palma chose to release the original edit anyway, but thought the MPAA wouldn’t notice the difference. Scarface The chainsaw attack was still an amazing sequence, and in the end, we didn’t have to show more of the fate of the poor angel to get to the point.

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