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Witches may have black magic on their side, but Asefie’s shotgun witch hero has Remington to make her bid. Arena-based bullets, should players be ready to fight the indescribable horror of two friends?

Shotgun witch review

Shotgun Witch begins with a nominal witch in a dire situation. The devil robbed her of her spellbook while she was asleep, and she couldn’t cast the spell without it. She’s not the one who puts things aside, but picks up a reliable 12-gauge double-barreled Remington (probably the only takeover from Ash Wiliams) from S-Mart and blows it up.

Most players know what to expect from this arena-based shooter. Players will be given 360 degree vantage points and will be able to blow up everything that comes near you. All characters post threats. The only way to get to the top is to make sure the last one is all destroyed.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much here to make Shotgun Witch stand out from the pack. It’s nice to have a dash move with two different firing modes and a cooldown, but that’s not enough to give a lasting impression. The game offers a challenge-dodge jack-o-lanterns, pink orbs, and swarms of bullets and you’ll stay on your toes. But if the official biggest wrinkle is the ability to blow up the last boss’s bullet, it comes across a bit overwhelming.

The same is true for Shotgun Witch’s presentation. The intro and outro sprites are working fine, but the core gameplay screen can’t pop with dull colors and zoomed out perspective. The theme has potential, but it is not fully utilized.

That doesn’t mean the title will last for hours. The entire main mode of the shotgun witch can be completed in about 15 minutes. The game is overly graceful by giving the player the opportunity to resume during the latest waves. If anything, the stage hasn’t changed and there aren’t enough enemy types to make each wave stand out from each other, so most players would have seen most of what this title offers within the first few minutes. ..

In addition to the main mode and some achievements (including biting dust a certain number of times), there is also an infinite mode that offers infinite blasts. However, it has the same variety as the main mode, has fewer types of enemies, and has no serious patterns.

The combination of shotgun and witch should enter a spectacular era, but the arena-based action of shotgun witch cannot be impressed by its lack of versatility and short length.

This review of Shotgun Witch was done on a PC. The game was downloaded for free.

Shotgun witch review

Witches may have black magic on their side, but Asefie’s shotgun witch hero has Remington to make her bid.Arena-based bullets, players need to be ready to fight indescribable horror

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