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WILLIAM REGAL announces his “game change”

William Regal, General Manager of WWE NXT, is here to start the show with his “Game Change” announcement. First Announcement … The next NXT Takeover will be 2 nights! WWE NXT Takeover: Named Stand & Deliver

-Wednesday, April 7-WWE Network

-Thursday, April 8 – Peackock

William Regal’s second announcement is about WWE’s Women’s Division. Legal says these women have proved they are the best in business, and Legal invites Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez to join the ring. He says he’s tired of waiting for others to make decisions for him after the injustice that happened last week.

Therefore, he made his own decision and made Dakota and Raquel the new WWE NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions! Dakota says this is really the most talented division in the world … and they went through each and every one of them.

Dakota says they dominated the department because they had to create these titles for them. Gonzales says people should get used to this because they will carry the championship for a very long time.

But Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon came down and said they were the first to congratulate. Ember says they will need a challenger if they are going to be champions. They believe the Dusty Cup final could have gone in either direction and are proposing a title match tonight.

Legal agreed with the idea and he announced that the match would be official late tonight.

NXT Women’s Championship MATCH
Io Shirai (c) vs.Toni Storm

Toni Storm immediately fights Io Shirai, kicking his face with a malicious kick and plunging into a corner. But when the storm is about to jump out of the ring, Shirai stops her on her track, and in the ring she connects with some big chops and an impressive dropkick.

The champion locks the abdominal stretch and continues chopping as the storm is sent out of the ring. Io appears to continue attacking, but Storm pulls her down when she hits the ring apron and tracks it by launching the champion onto a steel staircase.

Returning to the ring, Shirai counterattacks with some shoulder tackles, then hits 619 and follows up with a drop kick on the springboard, but the storm kicks out! After Toni attempts a roll-up pinfall, Io goes to a double stomp, but when she heads for the top rope, Toni cuts her off with a headbutt.

The challenge meets Io with a top turnbuckle and nails Superplex. Storm then puts a clothesline and German Suplex on the bridge, but this time the champion can kick out. After that, the two women are big guys and go back and forth, but Io turns back and tries to avoid it. It’s just for the storm to drop his elbows and continue the attack.

In the ring apron, Toni looks for a finisher, but Io reverses against the background of the apron and hits Moonsault Press outward from the top turnbuckle! When Io returns to the ring, he goes to the top rope and hits another rope, but Toni stops her and hits the power bomb instead, but Shirai kicks it again.

Shirai then hits a few huge strikes before locking the crossface, but Storm scrambles the rope. Shirai connects to the knee running in the corner, but her follow-up Moonsault fails and Toni follows up with Storm Zero, but that’s not enough!

Storm then heads to the top rope and looks for a diving headbutt, but Io avoids it and locks the crossface again, this time Storm taps.

Winner (and still NXT Women’s Championship): Io Shirai

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Shotsy Black Heart & Ember Moon Capture NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Shotsy Black Heart & Ember Moon Capture NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship

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