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These are one of the best-selling tailor-made products in history. So how much can we improve?Hannah Holden compared the 2021 P790 iron with the 2019 version

This TaylorMade P790 Iron 2021 review compared the latest version with its 2019 predecessor to see if various technical changes to the new model improved performance.

TaylorMade P790 Iron 2021 Review

The 2021 P790 is the third iteration of this iron from TaylorMade, with some changes to the core this year.

The 2019 version has Speed ​​Foam and this year has Speed ​​Foam Air. This is much lighter, so tailor-made can move the weights that were in front to the club face and lower the center of gravity for optimal firing conditions.

So is the latest tailor-made model an improvement over the previous model? Press the play button below to check …

All clothing and shoes used in my video are supplied by Footjoy.. This video is GC2HMT boot monitor so Huddersfield Golf Club..

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Should I be new?Let’s check Should I be new?Let’s check

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