Should I buy an Xbox Series X or an Xbox Series S Xbox?

I want to buy a new Xbox, but I don’t know which one to buy. all right! Choosing a console is not as easy as it used to be. What differentiates options feels overwhelmingly complex and frustratingly unclear.

For example, see the following summary. The Xbox Series X is more powerful, includes a disk drive, plays Ultra HD Blu-ray, and can run games at 4K resolution and above at 120 frames per second and above. But that costs $ 499.99. Xbox Series S is $ 299.99 — $ 200 cheaper! — But it’s not that powerful, it doesn’t have a disk drive, it has less storage, and the resolution is best at 1440p. (Usually reserved for computer monitors, 1440p resolution is better than 1080p HDTV, but inferior to 4K.)

All that information is useful and true, but not enough for the average reader to determine what is best for them. That’s because purchasing a console is more than spec. I would like to ask you some questions.

Do you have a 4K TV or plan to buy it soon? If so, do you want to unlock the potential of every pixel?

If you don’t have a 4K TV and don’t plan to buy one in the next few years, we highly recommend the Xbox Series S. The Xbox Series S has enough power to look great on existing high-definition TVs.

Or, if you have a 4K TV and want to get the most out of your 4K entertainment, we recommend using the Xbox Series X for your 4K Blu-ray player. (However, since Series S can stream 4K video via services such as Netflix, only the most hardcore video enthusiasts need to worry about this decadent option.)

How fast is your internet?

If your internet is slow or you have data limits, you may benefit from using an Xbox Series X disk drive and a large amount of storage. The latest generation of games are huge, many of which exceed 100GB. With a slow connection, it takes hours to download to any of the selected Xboxes, filling a significant portion of the only 364GB of Series S actually available storage. This means that you have to delete the game regularly to give way to a new game and re-download it whenever you want to revisit the deleted game. Or you have to buy an external storage option, which is expensive. (You can buy a cheaper external hard drive, but only for previous generation games.)

The Xbox Series X contains more than twice as much 802 GB of actual storage as the Series S. You can also use a disk drive to install games directly from a physical disk instead of an internet connection. If internet speed is a big issue, Series X is a better choice, even if the price is significantly higher.By the way, Series X is technically cheap Rather than buying a Series S and one of Microsoft and Seagate’s own 1TB storage expansion cards.

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Do you buy a used Xbox game or sell an old copy?

If you want to trade in your game or buy a second-hand physical copy, the choice is easy. Xbox Series X is the only option to play the disc.

One big caveat: The idea of ​​disc-based games itself is getting more and more complicated thanks to the following always-on online games: Fortnite And Warframe.. As Austin Gothlin wrote in his guide to choosing a PlayStation 5:

The physical version is also the most reliable way to actually own a purchased game. Digital copy is technically a game where you buy access instead of owning it yourself. This means that if Sony shuts down the server at some point in the future for some reason, the game will be inaccessible, but that’s unlikely. When you buy a physical disc, you always get a copy of the game you have. However, one possible problem with that idea in this console generation is that many games require an internet connection for them to work. For certain games, it is not important to own them in your account using a disc or digital copy, as you cannot play them either way.

Do you have a large library of Xbox One Game on disc? Or have you bought the game digitally for the last 10 years?

Most of my games for Xbox One (and many of my games for Xbox 360) were purchased digitally. These games are easy to play on either new Xbox console. All you have to do is open your game library, find and install your old purchase, and you’re ready to go. You can also download old saved files from cloud storage for free via Xbox Live. Microsoft has done an extraordinary job with backward compatibility.

However, if most of your existing Xbox games are on disk, you’ll need an Xbox Series X and its disk drive to play them. Currently, there is no way to replace a hard copy of an Xbox One game with a Series S digital copy. There is no reason to think it will change. However! If you plan to subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass, you may find that many of your older collections are available through the service. The latest list of Game Pass games can be found on Microsoft’s official website. Keep in mind that third-party games move in and out of the library on a regular basis.

Need to buy an Xbox Series X or Series S?

Frankly, both consoles are a solid choice.

Both look great on TV. Both play all new games from the Xbox One to the original Xbox, along with tons of Xbox back catalogs. Both connect to the Game Pass. And here’s the truth: both could be defeated by another new Xbox within a few years.

Microsoft deploys the hardware just as Apple deployed the iPhone, giving customers a variety of choices in terms of cost, performance, and luxury features. As a result, you may see updated hardware as often as you did on the Xbox One, and perhaps more regularly.

If you’ve already spent a lot of money setting up your home theater, Xbox Series X will make the most of your investment. If you just want to step into the Xbox ecosystem, the Xbox Series S is enough. And if you prefer to keep your Xbox One for another year or two, that’s a viable option. For now, all current Xbox Series X games are also available on older consoles. That version runs slower and looks bad, but it has more problems in the world than some grainy textures of Assassin’s Creed and additional loading in Call of Duty.

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