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New Orleans Pelicans Forward Brandon Ingram Credits: Brad Mills-USA Today Sports

New Orleans Pelican Zion Williamson..

They’re not enough to compete without him, but they’re not completely hopeless, so it’s hard to say what Pers should do this season.

If they are patient, it could be a lost season for teams this year to play off and be desperate to regain the fan base that most have checked out.

But to take action, you need to disband a team that you haven’t even been able to play with, and as we’ve seen from time to time, there may be some possibilities. How could his work fit?

Let’s see who they can deal with.

New Orleans Pelican has several trading assets

If New Orleans Pelicans want to trade, they certainly have some people who are interested.

Brandon Ingram Obviously at the top of the list, I honestly can’t see a scenario running an all-star under the age of 25 who just signed an extension to stay on the team.

Same as Jonas Valančinas, which looks like the best type of center to put with Zion Williamson.

They have two Centers that other teams may want With Jaxson Hayes and Willy Hernangomez, but these two rarely get back the type of returns that help Pelican right now.

Josh Hart could be their most tradable asset, and I’m sure Pelican will explore its market as it approaches the deadline, but again, he drives them into conflict and high-end. I’m not going to get the type of returns that I offer or draft assets.

Men like Ben Simmons, Myles Turner, Domantas Sabonis, and perhaps Kyrie Irving have a lot of potential influential players available today.

But should New Orleans Pelicans take action to try to improve? Moving to a tank? Should they just put up with it?

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Should New Orleans Pelicans be patient or trade? Should New Orleans Pelicans be patient or trade?

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