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Phoenix Suns want them Dark days as a franchise As they began chasing the first NBA championship, they were slaughtered, buried, and essentially eliminated from existence. The team completely closed that less fun chapter in history last year, so no one wants to revisit it while so many bright days await.

However, Phoenix’s 2014-15 season dresses continue to be in the NBA’s limelight.

Free agent point guard, like a buoy lost in the sea Isaiah Thomas While floating in loneliness, it refuses to sink and repeatedly rocks up and down to draw attention. The latest team to notice him came from Phoenix’s own division as the Golden State Warriors invited him to a workout this week.

But at this point, Thomas remains unsigned and the Warriors come to believe that he is no longer interested in his service. This comes as just another episode in the story of Thomas’s free agent, Some other teams He settled him this summer, but he was able to leave without a signature.

Only five years ago, Thomas finished fifth in the MVP vote, averaging 28.9 points and 5.9 assists per Boston Celtics match. His involvement in the deal with Kyrie Irving packed him for Cleveland, but the injury soon messed up his career.

After leaving the Cavaliers, Thomas competed in three contests last season at the Los Angeles Lakers, Denver Nuggets, Washington Wizards, and finally the New Orleans Pelicans. He shot 38.4 percent off the field, averaging only 12.6 points per game.

However, despite being out of consideration for the MVP, Thomas remains a remarkable talent that deserves to be on the NBA’s roster.He continues to work on his game despite the sudden fall from grace Dropped 81 points during the Pro-Am game One month ago.

In his early days at Sands, Thomas scored an average of 15.2 points per game, shooting 39.1 percent from long range. However, as you know, the team looks quite different at this point and sometimes takes a considerable amount of time.

But Thomas still seems to be crazy about Phoenix.He celebrated “Valley-Oop” Working with other parts of the world on Twitter, we have a special tribute to our former teammate and current Sands power forward, Jae Crowder.

Today’s Sans players also know everything about Thomas’s grit and passion. Chris Paul paid tribute to Thomas and his patented “slow grind” after proving that his allegations were wrong last year as Phoenix ran through the postseason.

Sands still owns an additional roster spot, and frankly, there’s no real reason for James Jones to turn down Thomas on a minimum deal. At the very least, he acts as a floor spacer and a solid locker room presence, perfectly embodying the low-risk outlook.

In addition, Phoenix currently holds Elfrid Payton as the third string point guard. At the New York Knicks last year, Peyton posted an ugly -97 plus / minus score. It remains an inflated statistic that only shows some of the player’s talent, but whenever it goes negative, it justifies a serious concern.

As a veteran who knows his role, Thomas is poised to support only what Sands has built, rather than threatening him like Peyton. It is also certain to make him a favorite student for Monty Williams to raise, without mentioning his unparalleled work ethic.

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Should Phoenix Suns consider bringing back Isaiah Thomas? Should Phoenix Suns consider bringing back Isaiah Thomas?

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