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The Toronto Raptors Freddie Gillespie was one of the players involved in scrambling, competing for one of the rosters with six players with unguaranteed contracts. Baylor’s Alum joined Toronto in Tampa last year after the injured destroyed the front court.

He brought rebounds and energy, but not only was Gillespie substandard in terms of offense during the Summer League and pre-season play, he was also a big negative.He averaged only 1.0 points per game with 33% shooting In the preseasonWas enough to persuade Nick Nurse Pull the plug.

After returning to the G League and proving his quality again on the circuit, the COVID-19 pandemic gave Gillespie another opportunity to break into the pros. Because there are many major contributors to the health and safety protocol Orlando magic Added Gillespie.

Magic has signed a 10-day contract with Gillespie, thanks to the hardship tax exemption.The Raptors have become a saddle with two players thanks to the protocol Pascal Siakam And Darano Banton, have they been punched by Orlando? Did Gillespie help them?

Should the Toronto Raptors sign Freddie Gillespie?

At this point, Gillespie has enough movies to make sure he never becomes an above average aggressive player. Toronto knows that he brought energy and glass cleaning to the table, and that friendliness helped mitigate the possibility of short-term play without Siakam or Banton.

Short contracts are primarily aimed at filling the roster’s place, but bringing in someone with criminal knowledge can help limit the amount of time spent teaching. Even if it’s just a few games, Gillespie will have an edge over some of the other players that Toronto can expect to bring in by being able to pick up the scheme quickly.

Toronto’s Center Depth Chart includes Siakam, who is currently small and inactive, a veteran with health problems at Chembirch, a young man struggling with Precious Achiuwa, and Chris Boucher who couldn’t play for most of the season. There are players. Reviving Gillespie may not have been the worst idea in the world.

At the very least, Raptors fans can be pleased that Gillespie was able to return to the pros.With Ishmail Wayne Wright Sign a championship candidate In Phoenix, Gillespie gets yet another shot to prove his quality for the young, rebuilding Orlando team.

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Should the Raptors consider Freddie Gillespie’s return? Should the Raptors consider Freddie Gillespie’s return?

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