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As the trading deadline approaches, Toronto Raptors You can escape from the rumored factory. recently, Spurs Center Jakob Poeltl Thrown out as a potential addition. If they want to pursue more cost-effective options, Orlando magic There is a possibility that Mobamba of the center is active.

Toronto is not yet linked to the Orlando Center, Bleacher Report Jake Fisher Magic reported that it was rumored to be willing to accept a first round pick or two second round whittle down packages for the previous 2018 lottery selection.

Magic and Bamba did not agree to extend the contract after the rookie contract expired. So he’s a free agent this summer. In his fourth NBA season, the long-legged Texas Longhorn has finally started the game and has the opportunity to play. Until this season, he was buried at the end of the Magic Bench.

Despite improved play from the center in the fourth year, Magic is the worst team in the NBA. His skill set fits well with the Raptors’ attack style, but Orlando, who couldn’t commit to Bamba, can receive draft assets if he chooses to trade.

Toronto Raptors Rumors: Mobamba’s skills will help defend.

Bamba is a 7 footer with a wingspan of 7-9. If won, he will be the tallest player in Toronto. An important Achilles heel for the Raptors this season was a defensive rebound. Bamba has averaged 6.2 defensive boards and 8.4 in over 32 games in this campaign.

Bamba also impacts the game by blocking 2.1 shots per game, scaring potential scorers. The Raptors desperately need a final line defender who can change their opponent’s shots and clean the defensive board.

The Raptors held two of the NBA’s best teams at Sands and Bucks, winning 7 points on the street and scoring 99 and 96 points, respectively. Their defense is good, but if they can get a more defensive rebound and block more shots, they can be the next level of stingy.

In his last 10 games Pascal Siakam An average of 10 rebounds per contest. He could get the help of Glass and Bamba could be the man who relieves pressure from Siakam.

In the attack, Bamba has an average career of 9.8 points in 28 minutes per game. He has dramatically improved his weak free throws this season, rising from his career average of 66.3% to 76.7%. Aggressively, Bamba makes 33% of the three-point attempts almost four times per game, which could lead to a solid Stretch 5.

At the age of 23, he fits into the Raptors core talent timeline and appears to be approaching the breakout as a solid and consistent contributor. Toronto needs to consider this move if they can win him first without letting go of 2022.

Do the Toronto Raptors regret dealing with Mobamba?

The only real negative of buying Bamba is that he is a free agent this summer. Unless the pick of the first round of surrender is protected by a lottery Chris Boucher Calibers and picks may be expensive asking prices.

The deal also cannot significantly resolve that Toronto is slightly below this season’s luxury tax and Bamba earns $ 7.5 million compared to Boucher’s $ 7 million. This also does not solve the lack of depth in Toronto’s point guards.

If Raptors management commits to such a deal, it fixes some defensive issues and makes the team better by default. Bamba is a competitive threat to Precious Achiuwa, and the two bigs can push each other to reach their full potential.

Bamba isn’t a bad option to play the Raptors center, but general manager Bobby Webster doesn’t want to pay big for players who can leave within six months. If his value goes down a bit, Toronto can grab him at a cheap price.

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Should the Toronto Raptors take action for Magic’s Mobamba? Should the Toronto Raptors take action for Magic’s Mobamba?

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