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Crytek has postponed some features that were originally planned to be released as part of the upcoming 1.5 update for Hunt: Showdown.

“We’ll get it right. We initially announced that the next update, 1.5, will include both new bosses and custom ammo types,” the team said on the official website. .. “My friend, 2020 wasn’t kind. I’m sorry, I had to move these two features to 2021.

“We know you’re not happy to hear it, we’re not happy about the delay, but we’re dedicated to making you the best game with the best features And these two will be released early next year, “the statement continued. “Thank you for your understanding. All other changes and features in Update 1.5 will be available in Update 1.4.8 in 2020. We are happy to share the details.”

To ease the blow, the team shared some new images of upcoming features and asked fans to “make what you want.” Update 1.4.8 will also be available by the end of the year, including new types of hidden loot, weapon variations, clock towers, legendaries, gameplay improvements, and “some other surprises”. Was also confirmed.

“2020 was a tough year in many ways, but we are even more grateful that these tough times allowed us to share Hunt’s development journey with such an amazing and dedicated community. “I’m doing it,” concludes the statement (Thanks, PCGN). “Thank you for your enthusiasm and passion for our games! Your support is everything. We can’t wait to show you everything we’ve been working on for the New Year.”


“For a long time in brewing, life at Crytek USA began with a sort of Grimm fairy tale spinning in Left 4 Dead. Review.” This is definitely one note, but each bounty hunter is deadly. Surprise and not very forgiving. Beyond that 10 level grace period, there is no real interest in feeling at home.

“But that total indifference stirs emotions not found in most multiplayer games. How to jump the pulse when catching the echo of a gunshot. Watch the spider’s movement through barn woodwork. Bile in the throat when you’re there Above all, it’s a terrifying victory when a flock of birds takes off nearby, aiming at the shotgun as if someone were looking into the wall. “

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