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Warning: Contains spoilers Yellowjackets Episode 2.

NS Yellowjackets The soundtrack is a collection full of famous songs and plays a major role in establishing the world and atmosphere of the show.In a complex story full of conspiracy Yellowjackets It can be difficult to follow. This is further complicated by the dual story played in both 1996 and 2021. Yellowjackets The soundtrack helps reduce the opacity of the show.

Yellowjackets They are following the soccer team in 1996 as they are preparing for the national championship.Along the way, their private jet crashed for unknown reasons, and the survivors united struggling to stay alive in the wilderness for 19 months, eventually uniting. A cannibal tribe wearing a ritual mask.. In 2021, some survivors are at risk of revealing the secrets they have kept from the time they spent in the wilderness, as people are snooping on the mystery of what happened to the Yellowjackets on the 25th anniversary of the event. I am aware that there is.

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The show’s background music serves an important purpose as it helps to establish different atmospheres and emphasize the emotional tones of the scene. However, Yellowjackets “ The soundtrack also includes songs that are played within the scene itself, worn by the character, and sometimes sung together. Especially in the first episode, this helps to establish the flashback sequence as having a true feeling in the mid-1990s with songs such as Salt-N-Pepa, Marky Mark and Funky Bunch.Here are all the songs you see in Yellowjackets soundtrack.

Yellowjackets Episode 1, “Pilot”

“Today” – The Smashing Pumpkins: This 1993 Smashing Pumpkins song was the first song played. Yellowjackets Episode 1The camera pans over New Jersey after the title card is displayed and the team discovers that they will be competing in the national championship. The song fades into the background when Jackie and Jeff are fooled in bed, Jackie forges an orgasm, and suddenly breaks at the end of the scene.

“Supernova” – Liz Phair: Liz Phair’s 1994 “Supernova” is a song that Shauna listens to in the car while waiting for Jackie outside the house.

“Informer” – Snow: Snow’s 1992 single “Informer” is played when Jackie takes the tape out of Shauna’s car and listens to the radio instead, and continues in the background throughout the rest of the scene.

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“Shoop” – Salt-N-Peper: As Yellowjackets prepare for peplarly In the locker room, you’ll hear, sing and dance to the hit “Shoop” by Salt-N-Peper in 1993.

“Good Vibration” – Marquee Mark and the Funky Bunch: When the Yellowjackets are introduced and run on Peplarly, the song played on them is the 1991 “Good Vibrations” by Funky Bunch, a short-lived hip-hop group led by Marquee Mark and Mark Wahlberg.

“Hello …” – Dore Soul: Dore Soul’s song “What If …” released in 1994 New shit Jackie and Shauna play as they prepare for a party in Shauna’s bedroom.

“Let Me Find Out” – POS NEG: When a teenager arrives at a barrel party in the woods, POSNEG’s “Let Me Find Out” is played.

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“Miss World” – Hall: This 1994 song from Hall, a band led by Courtney Love, will be joining Yellowjackets The soundtrack when Natalie takes LSD and the scene switches to her old self being picked up from rehab by taxi. Move on to the brighter sections of the song and continue playing while Shauna watches Jeff and Jackie and returns to the party.

“Down by the Water” – PJ Harvey: When Natalie stares at the fire, feels the effect of LSD, and sees Misty standing by the woods, PJ Harvey’s 1995 song “Down by the Water” is played.

“Never tear us” – Paloma Faith: The first anachronistic song to appear Yellowjackets Paloma Faith’s “Never Tear Us Apart” will be performed in a montage the morning after the party. Yellowjackets teenage soccer player Get ready to leave for the national convention and start flying.

Yellowjackets Episode 2 “Heart-shaped Black Box”

Yellowjackets Shauna Shipman Melanie

“Hold On” – Wilson Phillips: Wilson Phillips song “Hold On” will be played at two important moments in Misty Yellowjackets Episode 2. First, when she answered the phone and was harassed in Misty’s room in 1992, and towards the end of the episode, Misty and Natalie appear to be on the road together and playing in a car stereo. .. The song continues for a flashback to Misty breaking the plane’s black box in the woods in 1996.

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“Mother Mother” – Tracy Bonham: “Mother Mother” is a song that is played after Misty cuts off the leg of Ben Scott (Stephen Kruger)’s assistant coach and continues the title card. Yellowjackets..

“Medusa” – The Devil at Noon: The devil’s “Medusa” at noon Yellowjackets that’s why Misty Natalie then investigates a suspect who may have sent a postcard before Natalie’s old friend Kevin Tan approached.

“Kick It” – Peach, feat. Iggy Pop: Peach’s “Kick It” is a song that Natalie plays when she’s drinking in a motel room and is finally called Travis.

“Glory Box” – Portishead: Portishead’s “Glory Box” explains that Shauna (Melanie Lynskey) killed a rabbit for a supper, and when connected in 1996, it begins playing.If you continue playing, the Yellowjackets that survived Flagging the corpses of the dead on the plane, Lotti (Courtney Eaton) finds the drug in his luggage, and the team discusses their survival and plans around the campfire.

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Yellowjackets We will release a new episode on Sunday at Showtime.

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