Shroud clarifies his comment on CS: GODying

A few weeks ago, popular Canadian streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek made quite a few remarks when he said something about CS: GO’s “dying.”A recent stream provided an explanation for the statement after a 26-year-old was asked. “Do you think CS is dying?” By one of his viewers.

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Shroud clarifies comments on CS: GODying

Former professional CS: GO player, one of the world’s most popular streamers, talked about Counter-Strike a few weeks ago, but as the news spread that Shroud thinks CS: GO, he One of the remarks was out of context. I was dying.

In a recent stream where Shroud interacted with viewers on Twitch during the warm-up and played some VALORANT games, one of the users asked if he thought CS was dying. This question caught Shroud’s attention especially when he decomposed his previous remarks and explained what he really wanted to say.

Shroud says he doesn’t think the CS is dead straight “The competitive level of NACS has died a bit, but that’s true.” This is certainly true, as 100 thieves left CS: GO for the second time in history on the Following October, top North American teams such as EG, FURIA, MIBR and Complexity will all move to Europe. This is mainly due to the BLAST premiere: the regular season of fall 2020, but it is also the region where the EU is currently a major competitor.

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He goes on to say it “I don’t think CS is dying. I think CS is still very popular. It’s 100%. But it’s cool, throw a few words in my mouth. Or Maybe you didn’t throw a word in my mouth. It’s clear that NACS is hurt, so you might have misunderstood what I said. Maybe you’re not dead, NA CS definitely hurts, so I’m sad. We were doing very well. “

So far, the state of CS: GO in North America is actually in a state of turmoil, which could recover when the pandemic ends and the LAN tournament revives. As a result, many Counter-Strike players have moved to VALORANT. This seems to be the region’s most popular FPS title for esports organizations.

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