Shroud excludes CS: GO from his “Top 3 FPS Games Now”

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, one of the world’s most popular streamers and former professional counter-strike player, said, “Play Now,” answering a few questions recently asked by viewers on the stream. We named the “Top 3 FPS Games”. ..Whether or not everyone was surprised, Shroud didn’t mention the old-fashioned shooter Counter-Strike, which turned 20 yesterday on the November.

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Shroud’s current Top 3 FPS Games

While answering the question, Shroud said “Well, if you need to say now, just like this second, I would say VALORANT, Squad, and Apex. They come to mind, as if you asked me right now. The first three. “

Shroud completely ignores the once most famous game CS: GO under the Cloud9 flag, played for three consecutive years from 2014 to 2017, and asks other questions without blinking twice. I kept answering.

It seems reasonable that Shroud didn’t mention CS: GO, but looking at his choices, all three games are his current favorites and among the best three FPS games ever. It was clearly stated that it was not.


VALORANT was his dependable title during streaming and was an easy choice given that the game seems to be quite enjoyable. He got VALORANT early on and was skeptical about what the game would look like when compared to CS: GO at the time, but since then his opinion has definitely gone through a paradigm shift. ..


The squad was a surprise to many, but probably he feels more about the title than he shows, as Shroud returns to the game many times and enjoys the teamwork aspects associated with it.

For those who haven’t heard of it, “Squad” is a tactical shooter set in a modern environment, somewhere between 5v5 and a full-fledged battle royale. The user base may not be that big, but it’s dedicated.

Apex Legends

The last entry was the game of Apex Legends. The game was a big hit when it was first released and has continued to be a big hit. The fast-paced Battle Royale was a breath of fresh air with operator skills and beautiful graphics. Shroud was also a non-stop streaming game at the time, so it was a quick hit among streamers.

Just last month he went on to say that “Apex is still the best BR on the market”.. I think we all now know why he keeps returning to it from time to time.

Shroud praised CS: GO and said: “CS is literally a game of God and the best game ever. In fact. You may know CS in general, not CS: GO, as a series.”

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