SIE heads disagree with the claim that PlayStation does not prioritize Japan

“Sony’s stance is that the Japanese market will continue to be very important to us. We have not been so excited about the involvement of the Japanese game development community for many years.”

-Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan talks about the current state of PlayStation in Japan

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan responded to claims that PlayStation 5 had lowered the Japanese market, and told Edge Magazine (via VGC) that these claims were inaccurate.

The original Bloomberg story here cites a source within Sony that said the disappointing performance of PlayStation 4 in Japan has shifted the company’s focus to the United States for the PlayStation 5 generation.

A Sony spokesperson denied refocusing on Bloomberg’s report.

Ryan’s comments on Edge reflect some of what the spokesperson told Bloomberg, and Ryan said that Japan remains an important market and is now a particularly exciting time for game development in Japan. It states.

He goes on to say that at the end of the PlayStation 4 generation, there was a lot of attention from Japanese developers. Ryan adds that the momentum is gaining momentum in these early days of the PlayStation 5 based on the current partnership between PlayStation and Japanese developers and publishers.

“We also observe that we are making a statement in Japan by announcing the date and date with the United States, and that is not what we were on the PS4.“Ryan says. “So I read something like that. Many of the commentary is inaccurate, and Japan, the second largest market and Sony’s hometown, remains very important to us.”

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