Siege Survival provides a terrifying view of the public about Total War

In a total war strategy game, you’ve surrounded thousands of hours of countless cities, towns, villages, and dwarven forts, but these experiences have always been from the perspective of a battlefield commander. What are their siege to those who live in these settlements? Siege Survival: Gloria Victis is the upcoming hybrid of strategy and survival games, dressed in the tattered boots of urban dwellers. It is your job to help your town fight off the Viking invasion.

Trapped in a fort in a besieged medieval town, you need to gradually join the steps needed to survive the onslaught of enemy forces and help the castle garrison push them back. Rather than directing the formation of troops, you need to control a small but growing group of lagtag survivors, each deciding how to spend their time and resources.

For example, at night, you can sneak into an occupied city to find food and ingredients. However, this is dangerous. As hostile troops patrol the city, you need to be careful about how much you push your luck on a night excursion.

The trailer is as follows:

During the day, he is responsible for building the infrastructure. For food, you’ll need a workbench to rebuild the yard and piggery and make arrows to send to the walls. However, other attacks from the siege outside can arrive at almost any time, so care must be taken to move friends to a safe place so that they are not flattened by the catapult payload.

After spending a few hours with the latest build of Siege Survival, this is a fascinating game. There is a rewarding and satisfying feeling of carefully arranging important structures to protect them from enemy projectiles when building camps. Open a shortcut to the town during each night’s stealth foraging session. This is all involved in the difficult type of decisions that I remember from This War of Mine.

Siege Survival will be released during the second quarter of this year, but there’s a free demo you can try right now by visiting Steam. It’s worth checking if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be on the receiving side of a battering ram.

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