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Note: Zeke Mercer uses They / them pronouns, so priorities are used in this article.

“I want to do something that has brought adventure to my life”-Zeke Mercer

That was the motivation for the 21-year-old professional wrestler to pursue this wild and over-the-top professional wrestling industry. As far as Zeke remembers, it may be poetic or dramatic to always try to claim to be a fighter in the ring, but it’s a spur of momentary decision and very unique. The urge to make a decision has been the way for the past few years.

A lifelong athlete in martial arts training and amateur wrestling in high school, Mercer was always looking for a way to test himself physically and mentally. Sure, Sieg was watching sports entertainment on TV, a scene that took place in a large arena and major stages. West Pennsylvania A native of West Pennsylvania came across the concept of independent wrestling, a local card in the region, not only because of local wrestling, but also because he stepped into the door to business. I noticed. ..

In mid-2017, almost 18-year-old Mercer set foot in a dingy, dusty building in a starless location in the town and asked about training to become a professional. This is a nearly perfect blend of the martial arts they have experienced. before. Under the now-defunct flag of Wrestling Express, Sieg set foot in the ring for the first time and embarked on a whole new adventure shaping the next chapter in their lives.

Zeke’s thoughts on his next adventure were hit by a harsh reality as soon as he hit a hard canvas on the first day of real professional wrestling. They repeated the tedious process of learning to land safely on the mat and the diligent practice of learning in-ring operations of this genre. Indeed, Mercer’s previous sports background was convenient, and their natural athletic performance allowed them to excel in the training center’s learning process. Zeke’s head trainer was Quinn Magnum. He is a longtime veteran and has been behind the scenes in Pittsburgh for nearly 20 years after a series of injuries shortened his career in the ring. Quinn, the region’s most respected, now runs the Fight Underground organization, supporting other groups in the region. A 25-year veteran is not nonsense, but he is also very keen on the success of his students, especially those who show their dedication to sports.

“When it comes to my background in martial arts, after a while everything mixes, but it all helps wrestling. It gives me an edge over certain enemies. Good training under Quinn Magnum. Received, but not easy. It can be said that he prepared me very well for the professional wrestling business, and I made my success thanks to his training. I owe it, “explained Sieg.

When Mercer first wore tights and boots for a professional match in 2018, they were a ball of nervous energy, but decided to go through the curtains to welcome the noisy fans in attendance. I was excited. That night, observers, including building associates, quickly realized that Mercer had a natural calm in the rope. They looked like skilled and ambitious young men, not nervous newcomers who feared their shadows under the ringlight. Zeke’s skills were noticed by others and soon became regulars around the tri-state area, competing for promotional alphabet soups.

However, there is an entire generation of former wrestling TV stars who have sadly shown that not all chips can always be deposited in professional wrestling. In the wise words of Mick Foley’s New York Times best-selling autobiography, Have A Nice Day, it was the first publication released before Mercer was born, staying at school, and that’s exactly what Mercer did. Mercer, who attended Pennsylvania State University to major in criminal justice, did a completely unique balancing act for a new sport gig.

“Most people need to balance wrestling and work, but I need to balance wrestling and college and work. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. Pursuing my major is wrestling. It doesn’t really contradict, but it’s never easy, “explained Mercer.

It was not uncommon for Zeke to play in a championship match on Saturday night. After that, they stopped by to get food at a cheap gas station and collapsed in the dorm room that night. The next day, with his boots next to his bookbag, Mercer studied for the next test on Monday morning. At times, research was more exhausting than competition within the ring. Zeke, already considered natural by many, knows that travel is necessary to further refine their skills and is another aspect of the adventure they were looking for when pursuing sports. I did.

“By traveling to different parts of the country, you can see how big the United States really is and how different people are, but more importantly, wrestling. Not all places like the same style. So by moving from the Midwest to the south and then to the east coast, I was able to adapt to different styles of wrestling, hopefully as I traveled more and more over the years to come. I hope that knowledge grows, “they said.

Zeke’s professional career was only three and a half years, taking him across Pennsylvania to Ohio and then to Detroit. The small statue but large ability provides a unique combination of athletic ability and skill, resulting in a balanced style that leads to a variety of promotions. Based in western Pennsylvania, Mercer works for a myriad of organizations and has also won the Real Shoot Wrestling Championships in West Virginia.

“Since its debut, bowing down and sharpening and winning the first single title has been a great way to show the effort I’ve put into this. Especially, it’s a promotion full of hunger and talented wrestlers. It’s a top title, “Commented Mercer.

“Zeke Mercer is one of my favorite opponents. They are one of Pittsburgh’s most underrated wrestlers,” said Brohemoth, one of the hottest wrestlers in the region. I added.

Still, up-and-coming wrestling stars are based on approaches and expectations for businesses that are often considered Shark Tank. Despite winning, selling T-shirts and spectators cheering for the championship belt, Zeke Mercer continues his pro-wrestling adventure positively. While proper research and the pursuit of a criminal justice degree are prioritized and a fairly healthy perspective is used for sports entertainment, Zeke Mercer competes in the ring for the love of the game.

“I never think I’ll make money or become super famous with it. I’ve got some publicity from now on, but that’s just a by-product of enjoying what I’m doing. My main goal is to have fun and make memories. What more can I ask for from it? “Concluded.

More information on Zeke Mercer can be found on Twitter @ zeke_mercer.

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