Significant Uplift: Niantic, ArenaNet, and other MMO studios end in 2020 with charitable treble

Do you know one of the best things about Massively Uplifting? The world is focused on giving the world good deeds and joy during the holiday season, but we emphasized them all year round! And the holiday season is no exception. In December, there are some great examples of what players, studios and developers do to provide uplifting and comfort to others. Sure, there were a lot of things that weren’t great in 2020, but this year we ended up with some great things. Charitable donations from the community, players, momocons, studio Niantic, Arenanet, Creative Assembly and inspiring monuments are good end-of-year things to get you right in 2021. Avatar shroud..

Man’s best friend

The game is not necessarily a proverbial escape from reality that some may claim. They are where we take some of the most important parts of ourselves and our lives. The best way to get a compliment to this month’s uplifting is to compliment your best friend.When Avatar shroud The player recently lost his lifelong companion, a dog named Fletcher. The player created a beautiful monument for him in the game.And Another player shared that moment with us.. Thanks for this lovely monument, and the opportunity for other players to leave a note of support!

Good deed “stack up”

Some veterans already have emotional or physical struggles related to their service, but adding a pandemic on top of that can make things worse. did not step back from the challenges of 2020. Although all physical means of collecting donations from many organizations have been reduced, StackUp CEO and founder Stephen Machuga reported in a year-end press release: Not only survive, but break records in both funding and military support. He added,

Things could have been going in the opposite direction very easily. With record unemployment and uncontrollable medical costs, the money donated to StackUp could have been completely exhausted. Instead, people gathered and made a record number of donations to support our mission to support veterans through the game.

While COVID’s impact on stack-up included shutting down both air assault trips to gaming events and the Stack Local Volunteer Program, Machiga said the organization sent supply crates to veterans around the world. He said he doubled the number. Also, the official Discord channel and Overwatch program are a record number throughout the year to help people listen and listen, as well as talk from the shelves when they are in serious distress. Helped a veteran. If there was a year when the StOP mission featured in January last year was needed, it was 2020.

In addition to the generous community donations, Machiga believed that the streamer’s work was successful. Streamer’s “Funding Stream consistently posted photos of the veterans they sponsored, showing their community the good things their money is offering in the world.”

“I regularly tell people,’I want to get dollars from a million people, not one million dollars,'” he says. “Well, I found that I needed to change the sentence a bit.” I want you to stream 1200 streamers rather than streaming $ 1 million from one person. “

Thanks to Stack Up, Streamers, and everyone who has supported and donated veterans throughout the year!

Momocon will do more

Like other face-to-face conventions and events this year, Momocon has been digitized. The annual video games / comics / table games / animation and animation events in Georgia have been postponed and revisited digitally on Twitch. But there was no reason to lose the charitable side of the tournament just because people didn’t meet in person! In a three-day interactive streaming event, Momocon raised money to benefit Feeding America, a non-profit national network of over 200 food banks. Donations from viewers and fans will help provide food to food-conscious families throughout the United States, including Atlanta’s hometown of the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Momocon and supporters haven’t met their goals, but have raised over $ 7,000. It’s a lot of food for those in need!

This season will be extra extra

Extra Life fundraising is done all year round, but near the end of the year there is a big wave that spreads throughout the word.So Guild Wars 2 The studios that participated this season have promised to offer a special extra life bundle and donate all of their sales to help their children through their miracle network. Despite the generosity of the player who bought the bundle Over $ 92,000 has been raised and donated to charity.. well done, GW2 community!

We often hear about extra life, but there are many needs other than the health problems that children face in their lives. During this COVID-19 pandemic, the barriers to scholars became more pronounced as learning moved to remote locations in many places.In Step Creative Assembly, the studio behind Total War With the series Total War: Arena.. To help break down some of these barriers, the studio has donated over £ 30,000 of new laptops through the NextGen Skills Academy. These laptops are specially configured to run software applications in the specialized gaming industry, and as Marcia Deakin, Director of Game Partnerships at NextGen Skills Academy pointed out, donations have long-term benefits. “Each laptop will be regenerated and transferred to new NextGen students upon graduation from the current owner, helping to address inequality and provide an ongoing legacy of breaking down barriers to education.” She says.

This donation is just one of the larger initiatives to support education. The goal of Creative Assembly’s outreach program, called the Legacy Project, is to “use people with creative aspirations and passions and use games as a good force to be important to education, philanthropy and the community. To make a lasting contribution, thereby leaving a legacy. “

(Pokemon GO Support SMEs!

Last November, we focused on the work of Niantic, the creator of. Pokemon GO, Has created a special initiative to support SMEs during the epidemic economic turmoil. A total of 1,000 SMEs were supported. But that’s not all! The studio has released a 2020 Social Impact Report, including Black Lives Matter’s efforts, local business recovery initiatives, partnerships to empower virtual learning, and collaboration with the Business Alliance for Marriage throughout the year. Japan’s equality shared the progress of various initiatives. The report includes infographics highlighting the various shared community support from $ 170,000 and $ 700,000 donations to support pandemic relief and education, health and sustainability, respectively. further. $ 7 million has been donated to a non-profit organization focused on supporting the black community.

There are many good things in the gaming community, from happy stories in our virtual world and the real world around us to good deeds. That’s why Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie writes Massively Uplifting with a pen. To emphasize the generous, exciting, heartwarming, and uplifting story that exists throughout MMOverse. Please submit the suggested story to for the next entry.

Massively Uplifting: Niantic, ArenaNet, and more MMO studios end 2020 on charitable high notes

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