Silent Hill, Gravity Rush, and the last guardian veteran form a new game studio

Keiichiro Toyama, a veteran video game developer, left Sony to set up a new development company called Bokeh Game Studio. Toyama is best known as the director of the Silent Hill and Gravity Rush game, with the participation of Gravity Rush developer Okara Junya.

Kazunori Sato, who worked on the puppeteer and The Last Guardian, will also join the bokeh studio to create a game that rekindles the joy of the media with fellow professionals.

“I want to continue to enjoy making things,” Sato explained in a video released in the studio. “There are a lot of people who have worked with us before. We are confident that we can deliver something that everyone can enjoy.”

It’s not yet known what games the studio will create and how big it will be, but Toyama added that other established developers are ready to join the new studio. It was. Some concept art can be seen in public videos featuring glimpses of images that have an eerie feel to the design.

Also this week, Avalanche Studios founder and former chief creative offer Christopher Sundberg announced the establishment of a new studio, Liquid Swords. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Sundberg’s new studio focuses on next-generation consoles and PC spectacles to create new takes of loud sandbox action.

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