Silent Hill, Gravity Rush Creator forms new studio with Sony Japan Studio Alum

Three Sony Japan developers, Junya Okura, Kazunobu Sato, and Keiichiro Toyama, left the company and established a bokeh game studio. Toyama, the most famous director of the Silent Hill and Gravity Rush series, will be the creative director of the studio. With Okura, the lead designer of Gravity Rush, and Sato, the lead designer of the Last Guardian. The three will lead Bokeh as an independent game studio with the goal of rediscovering the joy of making games.

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“I want to meet the expectations of the fans first, but at the same time I want to go back and enjoy the fun of making games,” Tomiyama said in a studio announcement video released on December 2. That feeling for the players. This is my future goal. “

In the announcement video, three developers sitting in the bar talk about the common excitement of bokeh. Okura, the studio’s game director, said that until the studio was founded, there was always a company that provided a working environment. Now that they are independent, he said they would have to prepare everything themselves.

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“It’s difficult,” Okura said. “We are responsible, but we have freedom. That is of utmost importance. We will continue to enjoy our creativity.”Studio producer Sato said there were many challenges in setting up the company, but advice from others helped bring this idea to fruition. He said the team can now focus on making games.

“I’m looking forward to it,” says Sato. “There are a lot of people who have worked with us before. We are confident that we can deliver something that everyone can enjoy.”

Sato hinted that people with whom he had worked in the past would join, but nothing else was said about who was in the studio. It. However, watching the video gives you a glimpse of the artwork, which may or may not be concept art.

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