Simu Liu’s “offended” fans didn’t expect him to appear in “No Way Home”

Fans around the world continue to speculate on whether Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will appear. Spider-Man: No Way HomeIt looks like another Marvel actor is terribly disappointed that he wasn’t even considered for the movie. Jokingly, that’s it.

Legend of Xiangqi and Tenring Star Simu Liu Going to Twitter on Friday, he said, “I was a little offended because no one expected me to come in.” Noway Home.. “

The tweet was clearly made up of jokes, but one fan pointed out Spider-Man / Xiangqi’s team-up ⏤Liu stated he wanted to happen⏤ May be real.

The picture in question is Free Comic Book Day Vol 2011 Spider-ManWhen Shang-Chi decided to teach Spider-Man “Spider-Fu”, it was a very powerful martial arts style that was eventually used to defeat not only Spider-Woman but also Xiangqi himself.

“Like Xiangqi trained me. No long-range attacks. Close and personal. Target nerve clusters! Acupoints! Hit at spider speed. Hit with spider strength! And that’s my friends , What we are calling, the spider’s way! “

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol1 669

Spider-Man can no longer rely on Tony Stark, and the relationship between Dr. Strange and Wong allows them to meet, so it’s completely out of the question to see them fighting together. Not.Happens in Noway Home..

I know it’s Sony I want to make three more movies with Tom Holland And Kevin Feige himself said The cast of Xiangqi will soon return to the MCU, It seems likely that you can see this legendary team-up taking place.

Would you like to see Shang-Chi appear alongside Spider-Man in the future?this is Simu Liu Trying to get rid of people from his scent of post-credits and cameo appearances Spider-Man: No Way House?? Please let us know in the comments.

Simu Liu’s “offended” fans didn’t expect him to appear in “No Way Home”

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/simu-liu-offended-that-fans-didnt-think-hed-appear-in-no-way-home/ Simu Liu’s “offended” fans didn’t expect him to appear in “No Way Home”

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