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Gigachikaze Drive to Las Vegas twice by weight and shape and ready to show up Kevin Holland..

At that time, the UFC’s featherweights were strangled with a straightforward middleweight. Both had a 4-0 record in 2020. Chikaze wanted to be 5-0 first when he heard that the Netherlands had fought for the fifth time. So he drove four hours from his adopted hometown of Los Angeles. But like many who visit Sin City, he left empty-handed.

“I was waiting for a chance,” Chikaze told MMA Fighting. “I informed all matchmakers, if someone was pulled out, I was there to fight.”

The Netherlands continued to knock out Ronaldo “Jakare” Souza In the signature win that won the spot on him MMA Fighting Knockout of the Year list.He is tied to the present Neil Magny And Roger Huerta He won the most wins in the calendar year and if he wins he could break the record Derek Brunson March.

Chikaze still feels pretty good about his resume. He has good reason, given that he is having a hard time finding a voluntary enemy. According to him and his manager Ali Abdelaziz, not many fighters are anxious to undertake an impressive unranked phenomenon. So for now, he is at the classic crossroads of being a promising talent with relatively little name value.

“We offered a fight Jeremy Stephens Immediately after my fight, he said he was going to fight me in December, but he disappeared, “Chikaze said. “At first it seemed to happen, and now I hear rumors that he is moving to 155.

“There was another guy who canceled. For my last fight, I was going to fight Arnold Allen, And he didn’t fight, and that’s the way they found Jamie Simmons.. “

Last month, Chikaze returned to her hometown of Georgia to thaw and celebrate her vacation. As an Orthodox Christian, he was supposed to fast at Christmas. But he couldn’t help himself from Khinkali and Khachapuri (dumplings and cheese buns, respectively).

Now he is waiting for the big name to be signed with a dotted line.

“Yes, I’ve won five, so it’s very frustrating. I remember people getting the title shot after five wins. I’m not in the rankings,” he said.

Of course, the featherweight division is quite crowded.Current champion Alexander Volkanovski He scored seven wins before he was awarded the title shot, and his first four fights countered unprecedented competition. So maybe Chikaze is where he needs to be. But I don’t feel that way.

“I’m a man who is always fighting, and I don’t know why people don’t fight,” Chikaze said. “If you’re a fighter and that’s what you like, you’re in the biggest organization in the UFC …

“I enjoy this. It’s a lot of fun. When I don’t fight, it’s when I’m depressed. When I’m planning a fight, I’m very happy. I’m a completely different person. life is Beautiful.”

Thankfully, he’s used to this issue somewhat. He said his opponents regularly dropped out during his mission at Glory, a kickboxing promotion. When he entered the rankings, the champion refused to fight him. He understood that he was a bad match. At the UFC, he’s still adapting to that reality. The night-winning head-kick win performance against Simmons probably didn’t reassure his potential enemies.

As for how things change, he leaves it to Abdelaziz.

“Hopefully they can solve it and make things happen,” Chikaze said. “I’m not the one who throws the story into the trash for no reason. If there’s a reason, I have a mouth. So far, I’ve only been dissatisfied with my opponent a couple of times. I Is a professional guy, and I’m going to stay professional. If someone talks, I’m not silent. Whatever they deserve, I’ll always give them an answer.

“This is my dream of becoming a UFC champion and no one robs me of that dream. If anyone wants to stop me, I’ll take over. Whoever it is, I’ll tell them I’m going to get into my head, and then in an octagon, I’m going to make things happen with my fists and kicks. “

And if Chikaze goes by the calendar year, he’s still aiming to catch up with the Netherlands. By March he will have two more wins and he will be 6-0. It’s hard to imagine that he won’t be on the rankings – and submit a lot of offers.

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Since there are no opponents, Giga Chikadze declares: “Let’s make things happen with fists and kicks” Since there are no opponents, Giga Chikadze declares: “Let’s make things happen with fists and kicks”

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