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New Delhi: Six COVID-19-positive cases were reported after screening 3476 passengers from 11 international flights from “endangered” countries.A sample of positive passengers Whole Genome Sequence (WES), Union Ministry of Health notified Wednesday.

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), the first day of operation of the guidelines for overseas travelers issued by the Center as a public health response measure for management and management. Omicron, A newly reported variant of COVID-19. Variant of Concern (VOC) NS who (WHO), 6 passengers were reported to be COVID positive.

“From midnight to 4 pm today, a total of 11 international flights from” endangered “countries have landed at various airports in countries except Lucknow. These carried 3476 passengers. RT PCR tests were performed on all 3476 passengers and only 06 passengers were found. Positive. “

The ministry also notified that a sample of COVID 19-positive passengers was sent to the INSACOG lab for whole-genome sequencing (WES). They continue to track the evolution and support the state and UT in the fight against pandemics through a “government-wide” approach.

Omicron is the fifth WHO-designated concern first identified in South Africa. The other four are alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. The World Health Organization (WHO) says it is “not yet clear” whether the newly detected variants are more contagious or cause more serious illness, but across the Indian state. Authorities have stepped up efforts to address the evolving situation.

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