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With official approval given to the two candidates for emergency use, India entered the final stages of vaccine deployment in the first phase of inoculation, shifting its focus to delivery mechanisms and infrastructure. And the key to this is the cold chain points and the large network of equipment.

The Ministry of Union previously stated that the country has 28,932 cold chain points and 85,622 facilities, but according to state-by-state data accessed by the TOI, six are only one-third of India’s population. The state alone accounts for more than 52% of cold chain points. 40% of all facilities.

Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamirnadu, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh have a total of 15,072 cold chain points and 33,126 facilities, but in terms of population (2020 forecast), these states are combined. It has 4.67 billion rupees out of 13.7 billion rupees in India.

Six states, which make up 33% of India's population, have 52% cold chain points

However, centers and states are strengthening their cold chain infrastructure, and authorities are confident in smooth vaccination campaigns.

“… Forecasting the flexible nature of the Covid-19 vaccine supply for mixed products in different storage temperature ranges, the Government of India has already implemented a supply plan for additional cold chain equipment,” the Union Ministry said. I will. Said as part of the vaccination SOP.

After completing the cold chain evaluation and gap analysis, he added, “We are ready to supply additional cold chain equipment as needed.” For example, in Karnataka, which already has the second highest number of cold chain points in India, 64 large ice-lining refrigerators (ILRs) have been added from the center, and 866 small ILRs and 28 freezers are in the pipeline. ..

“Similar exercises are underway across the state,” officials said, and Maharashtra state health mission officials confirmed the same to the TOI.

The ministry argues that these initiatives will be implemented in a timely and quality manner and will play an important role in ensuring sufficient cold chain capacity for the Covid-19 vaccine campaign, the Walk In Cooler (WIC). ) Described the process of identifying additional sites. The Walk-in Freezer (WIF) based on the GoI distribution plan has already started.

“According to a standard site preparation checklist, ensure site preparation for installing WIC / WIF at designated sites, and additional cold chains based on population cohort-based vaccine estimation and additional cold chain space requirements. Identify the district and sub-district stores that require the equipment. The rapid supply of additional cold chain equipment to specific stores with installation and functionality is all done in parallel, “adds the ministry. I did.

Separately, UNICEF will support cold chain assessment, needs-based augmentation planning, procurement and installation of cold chain equipment, and UNDP will support states and districts for microplanning, including cold chain and vaccine logistics planning. , Supports blocks.

Also, as the TOI previously reported, India will increase the various types of cold chain equipment needed to handle vaccines from 5.2 million to 11 million, according to the latest short-term and medium-term projections made by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. need to do it. Under a universal vaccination program.

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