Skater XL evolves as community mod integration begins on Xbox One, PS4, and PC

Easy Day Studios said the day we witnessed would come SkaterXL mod integration And now it’s actually here. In addition, this first content drop on Xbox One, PS4, and PC includes over 250 community-created creations, including maps and gear.

The new Skater XL update introduces a lot of content, but let’s start with cross-platform mod integration. – There is an easy-to-use mod browser in the game menu. The first rollout of gear and maps is available on Skater XL across Xbox One, PS4, and PC, with over 250 changes including customized decks, clothing, shoes, tracks, wheels, hair color, tattoos, and more. Content is included. Community-created content is set to be added frequently as new items are created and sourced from the existing backlog of over 7,000 items. All of these are easily accessible and installed at the push of a button.

“This is a big step towards what we always thought the skateboarding game should be, an open and creative platform led by the community.” Dain Hedgpeth, co-founder of Easy Day Studios, said. “I was amazed at the quantity and quality of the content coming out of the Skater XL ecosystem. Now players on all platforms have access to this ever-growing market for maps, skins and fake skating gear. It will be incorporated directly into the gaming experience. “

New versions of the three community maps have been ported to all platforms and are now available for download. Easy Day Studios is working with the original author to provide an “Optimized by EasyDay” version of the following mod map.

  • Riverfern – Created by Taitjames in Sydney, Australia – This map features a mashup of real skate spots found in the land below.
  • Quebec Skate Plaza – Created by Alex Laskka in Quebec City, Canada – This map is a very accurate replica of the famous skate park in the big white north.
  • Applewood Park – Created by ROARTEX 89 from Kent, England – This map is compatible with all skate styles, including huge staircase sets, unique skate parks, Haba shelves, and technical manual pads.

In addition, get ready to accessory your Skater XL character with new official skate brands such as Illegal Civ, Uma Landsleds, Cariuma Footwear, MACBALIFE and AmGrip.All the above content is waiting for you the next time you dive into skateboarding paradise Skater XL!!

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Skater XL evolves as community mod integration launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

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